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Jul 31, 2008 To the fullest extent permitted by Chapter 180, Section 3 of the Massachusetts General Laws as it exists or may be amended each Officer, and the Director of the Corporation shall be indemnified by the Corporation against any and all claims and liabilities to which he/she becomes subject by reason of his/her being or having been an Officer or Director, whether or not he/she continues to be an... more
Jul 31, 2008 Fiscal Year Except as from time to time otherwise determined by the Board of Directors, the fiscal year of the Corporation shall be the twelve (12) months ending December 31 of any given year. Annual Audit The account books of the Corporation shall be audited annually by an independent certified public accountant retained by the Board of Directors, and the report of such accountant shall... more
Jul 31, 2008 The Corporation shall issue an Annual Report, which shall be distributed to members at the Annual Meeting. The Annual Report shall include, among other things, information as to: Revenues and expenditures during the preceding year and a comparison of those amounts to the amounts previously budgeted; the number of people trained in the use of the Corporation's equipment; the nature and amount of... more
Jul 31, 2008 The Board of Directors shall authorize such staff positions as may be necessary or appropriate to conduct the business of the Corporation. The Board of Directors shall appoint and set compensation for a Executive Director who shall hold office at the will of said Board. The duties of the Executive Director shall be: to manage the day-to-day operations of the Corporation; carry out policies... more
Jul 31, 2008 Solicitation of Member Feedback In order to solicit feedback and encourage participation by each member of Cambridge Community Television, the staff, in consultation with relevant Board committees, will conduct significant member feedback efforts (written or on-line surveys, focus groups, etc.) no fewer than four times per year. The results will be made available to the Board of Directors,... more
Jul 31, 2008 Standing Committees The Standing Committees of the Board of Directors shall be as follows: a. Finance b. Personnel c. Fundraising d.Membership, Outreach, and Advocacy e. Programming... more
Jul 31, 2008 The officers of the Corporation shall consist of a President, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President and such other officers, as the Board of Directors may deem desirable. All officers shall be elected by the Board of Directors from the Board of Directors. No person shall hold more than one office at any one time. Each officer of the Corporation shall be elected annually at the meeting following... more
Jul 31, 2008 Powers The Board of Directors shall have and may exercise all of the powers of the Corporation conferred upon it by the Articles of Organization or by these By-Laws. Tenure and Qualifications of Directors The governing body of the Corporation shall be a Board of Directors consisting of not more than eighteen (18) persons including two persons selected by the membership, as designated... more
Jul 31, 2008 Eligibility All Cambridge Residents, subscribers, and educational, governmental, health care, arts, religious, business and neighborhood organizations or other entities which are based in or serve Cambridge and which support the Corporation by contribution of money, service or equipment shall be eligible for Affiliate, Access, or Organizational membership. 1a. Disqualification and Removal... more
Jul 31, 2008 The name of Cambridge Public Access Corporation, Inc. (hereinafter in these By-Laws referred to as the "Corporation"), the location of its principal office and its purposes shall be as set forth in the Articles of Organization and these By-Laws, and shall be exclusively charitable, scientific, and educational within the meaning of Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, as... more