CCTV's Reopening Plan

CCTV's Reopening Plan

Plans and protocol for reopening the CCTV facility

  • Posted on: 1 September 2020
  • By: Susan

CCTV Reopening


As the Commonwealth of Massachusetts determines that the rate of COVID19 transmission has diminished sufficiently so that health and safety of staff and members can be maintained within CCTV’s facilities, CCTV will begin a phased reopening. The timeline will loosely follow that of the state, and if it is so indicated, a return to previous phases may be required. CCTV recognizes that the resumption of all activities and services will not occur until there is a vaccine.

We assessed which of CCTV’s programs and activities could continue online indefinitely (e.g. classes), which might be hybrids (live shows), and which could only take place in the facility (loaning equipment).

Although we have not yet set a date, In Phase I of CCTV’s reopening, we will provide curbside equipment check-outs and check-ins, as well as limited programming from the CCTV Live set. A number of producers face obstacles that have prevented them from going live from their homes, and we want to bring them in as soon as possible.

Our primary concern is maintaining safety in the facility There are a number of precautions that will be taken to ensure a safe return for both staff and members.

Reopening the facility requires that we each take responsibility for the health and safety of ourselves and others. Anyone who does not adhere to the safety protocol will permanently lose their CCTV membership privileges.

• Staff and members will attest to their health by signing waivers prior to entering the facility
• There will be no more than two staff and two members in the facility at any time
• Proper social distancing will be required
• Everyone must be masked, except while on the live set
• There will be no loitering; members will enter for their shows and leave immediately after
• Products will be available for frequent
sanitizing of surfaces and hands
• There will be adequate ventilation on the live set and in the entire facility.

Facility Procedures in Phase 1

• The HVAC system will run at least 2 hours before and after open time with maximum outside airflow.
•• Outside wooden doors will be propped open by staff upon opening.
• Staff will buzz people in one person at a time from the front desk.
• The push bars and all door handles in the facility will have nanoseptic coverings, changed at frequency recommended by the manufacturer.
• Anyone entering the facility will “sign” a waiver (or submit electronically that day) indicating that they are feeling well, and will not hold CCTV liable if they contract COVID19 in the facility.
• All chairs will be removed from the front lobby. No one may loiter before or after their show.
• Plexi barriers will be installed at the front desk, at the door to the live set (which will remain open during shows) and at the door of the cablecast room.
• There will be a traffic pattern marked on the floor for anyone needing to use the restrooms: to the restrooms via the computer lab, and away from the restrooms via the main hall. In Phase 1, there will be no access to the rear of the building, beyond the single occupancy restroom in the hallway.
• Hand sanitizing stations will be located at the front door, at the door of the live set, and in front of each restroom. Small bottles of sanitizer will be scattered throughout the facility.

Curbside equipment check out

Members may call in or email to reserve equipment, which will be picked up and dropped off by appointment during certain hours

Live Shows

Live shows will be scheduled ½ hr apart. A HEPA air purifier will be turned on between shows. The desk will be removed; there will be no switching, one camera only, no computer. There will be only one person in the studio at a time, no guests. A mic will be mounted from the ceiling, well out of the way of aerosol spray. Staff only will make the switches in the control room.

We will update this page as more information becomes available.