Rent Equipment and Facilities from CCTV

Rent Equipment and Facilities from CCTV

We rent professional camera, audio, lighting, and studio facility equipment for all types of media production.

If you are engaged in commercial or independent productions, keep in mind that Cambridge Community Television provides rentals of high quality HD production equipment for use in your project. Whether you're shooting a commercial for a local business or firm, or crafting a product demo of your company's newest invention, recording pilot episodes of a syndicated game show, or simply producing media for festivals or resumes, then CCTV's gear can be yours for a very competitive rental price.

CCTV is also an excellent venue for events such as business meetings, corporate retreats, technology trainings, professional development seminars, fundraisers for charities, and parties of all types. Some of the best restaurants in the area are nearby for catering services, and there are plenty of after-party options at the bars and clubs right outside our doors. CCTV has 8000 square feet of prime real estate space in Central Square and we're only 150 yards from the MBTA Red Line subway stop. Our venue and location can't be beat.

See our equipment page to get a sense of what we have to offer. You can also download a copy of our rental rate card if you need this in print. Contact CCTV to get a complete and updated quote for any rental needs.

A one-year minimum membership ($35) is required for all rentals. Rentals are subject to MA sales tax. Non-profit organizations may provide proof of tax exemption to receive a 20% discount on rental rates. Cleaning fees may be charged for facility rentals. The use of facilities during non-operating hours or advance facility setup requires additional fees for staffing. If liquor is to be served on the premises then permits must be obtained from the City of Cambridge and a licensed bartender must be present.

Contact us for more information about our equipment and rental facilities.