How to reconnect files in FCP X

How to reconnect files in FCP X

Max had a question about media files gone missing in FCP X, and we helped him to reconnect them. Please read the article to find out how.

Dear Producer,
I am new to FCP X and am currently working on my very first project on it. I am keeping my original clips in a folder on a drive, along with my FCP project. While organizing the project, I re-named some of the clips. Next time I opened the project file, I noticed that all the clips look red and they are disconnected. I know how to reconnect media in FCP 7, but not 10. Can you help me reconnect the files? Would I still be able to connect them even though I have changed the name of the files? I would hate to have to re-start the project as I have already spent many hours working on it.


Dear Max,
This is a very common issue and usually occurs when the editor either moves, renames or in any way alters the original clips. In any case, manually relinking clips in Final Cut Pro X is possible as long as the files have the same resolution and codec as the original files. They must also have the same frame rate and similar audio channels. Follow the steps below to reconnect your media.

In the Event Browser, select the clips you want to relink,
1. Choose File > Relink Event Files
2. The Relink Files window appears
- To locate all the matching files: Click Locate All
- To locate some of the matching files: Select items in the list and click Locate Selected
3. In the window that appears, navigate to one of the files you want to link to, or to the folder that contains it
4. Click Choose.
5. Final Cut Pro analyzes the files to confirm that all attributes (in addition to the filename) match items in the original selection. Analysis results are shown below the Original Files list. For example, “4 of 4 files matched.”
6. To link the project clips to the new media files, click Relink Files.
7. New clips are added to the project’s default event. All other events and projects remain unchanged.