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"Nuclear on the Block" - Project Documentary

"Nuclear on the Block" - Project Documentary

"Nuclear on the Block" takes an intimate look at MIT’s nuclear research reactor and its history; features interviews with nuclear physicists and grad students who work there; examines the pros and cons of nuclear energy; and hits the streets to talk with local officials and those who call the reactor their neighbor.

"Nuclear on the Block" was produced by CCTV's Advanced Production: Project Documentary workshop. Student/Producers were: Julie Adler, Angel Aiguier, Therese Condit, Ann Cowan, Lauren Erwin, KC Forcier, Karma Lama, John Melczer, Tanya Powers and Rebecca Yadegar. Class mentors were Sarah Brett and Darcie DeAngelo. This production was facilitated by Shaun Clarke, Amy Mertl and Jason Ong.


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