Profiles of Cambridge Podcast

Profiles of Cambridge Podcast

An interview podcast focusing on some of the fascinating members of the Cambridge community.

Hosted by Ryan Normandin

Episode 1: Ilani Axelrod-Freedman
In the first episode of Profiles of Cambridge, an incoming freshman at MIT discusses their life experiences and the education system.

Episode 2: Daniel Jackson
Daniel Jackson is a professor of computer science at MIT who has become a mental health advocate. In this interview, Prof. Jackson shares his thoughts on resilience, overcoming failure, and building a culture that revolves around learning rather than grades.

Episode 3 - Virginia Pye
Virginia Pye is a Cambridge author who has published two novels and, most recently, a collection of short stories. In this interview, she discusses the long road she's walked in getting her work published and her thoughts on many of her characters and stories.

Episode 4 - Cheryl Suchors
At the age of 48, Cheryl Suchors decided that she wanted to climb all 48 4000+ foot peaks in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Already no easy task, she overcame both the passing away of her hiking partner and her own battle with cancer in order to accomplish her goal. In this fascinating interview, Cheryl discusses her memoir, 48 Peaks, hiking, writing, and overcoming incredible adversity to live out your passion.

Episode 5: Ginny Berkowitz
Ginny Berkowitz is one of the original co-founders of CCTV and sat on the Board of Directors. Passionate about giving people equal access to media creation, Ginny identified an opportunity in the Cambridge Public Schools and worked for three years to build the school system's media arts program from the ground up. In this interview, Ginny discusses the challenges she encountered along the way and the importance of equal access to media technology.

Episode 6: Kevin Dua
If you've ever wanted to look inside of what makes a truly exceptional teacher tick, this interview is for you. Kevin Dua became the Massachusetts History Teacher of the Year in 2017, and it's clear as to why. In this interview, Kevin talks about the school experiences he had growing up that still affect him today, why he's so passionate about teaching history, and how he handles difficult issues and conversations with his students. Inspiring and thought-provoking, this is an interview you won't soon forget.

Episode 7: Lawrence Ferrara
Lawrence Ferrara is a filmmaker who lives in Cambridge, MA. A multi-talented man who is a doctor of chiropractic, a documentarian, and a law student, Lawrence has always sought to find ways to help others. In this interview, Lawrence discusses the challenges he overcame in filmmaking, particularly in his most recent film where, as a gay man, he bravely interviewed hate groups who openly declared they'd like to kill people like him.