Not for Nothin' Gallery

Jul 23, 2019
A discussion with Reverend Irene Monroe about the response to President Trump's racist "send them back" tweets about four congresswomen of color. 7-22-2019
Mar 12, 2019
A discussion with Sayre Sheldon and Steve Strenio from the Massachusetts chapter of Elders Climate Action and the critical work of saving our planet. 3-11-2019
Sep 25, 2018
An interview with Eve Sullivan the Co-Founder and President of the Parents Forum, a nonprofit that provides training in emotional awareness and peer support for parents and others. 9-24-2018
Jul 16, 2019
A discussion with musician, podcast and video producer, gardener, and baker Kristina Kehrer about creativity and her creative process.
Feb 12, 2019
Susan Fleischmann and Reverend Irene Monroe discuss the latest stories of racism, sexism, and antisemitism in the news, including the debacle in Virginia with Governor Northam and Congresswoman Ilhan Omar's antisemitic comments. 2-11-2019
Aug 28, 2018
A discussion with Chris Schmidt from Upgrade Cambridge about the need for municipal broadband in the city. 8-27-2018
Jun 19, 2019
John Heymann is a photographer who has been living and working in Cambridge for decades. Photographs from his current project, "Mass Ave in Cambridge," are now on view in CCTV'd Karen Aqua Gallery. 6-17-2019
Jan 29, 2019
A discussion about the crowded field of Democrats running, or potentially running, for the Presidency in 2020. 1-28-2019
Jul 31, 2018
A discussion with Reverend Irene Monroe about the tragic loss of Richelle Robinson, a fifteen year old Cambridge teen who was killed last week. Also, the relationships of police and communities of color. 7-30-2018
Jun 11, 2019
A discussion with Sharon Zimmerman, the Executive Director of Cambridge Camping, about the organization's 125th anniversary and the growth of its programs. 6-10-2019
Dec 11, 2018
A discussion about Michelle Obama's book, "Becoming," and her tour and what it was like for the Obama's in the White House. People of color are always considered to be "race representatives" and cannot just be "regular." 12-10-2018
Jun 12, 2018
A discussion with Reverend Irene Monroe about Boston Pride - the changes from the Pride "March" to the Pride "Parade." 6-11-2018
Jun 5, 2019
Reverend Irene Monroe discusses the 50 year anniversary of the Stonewall riot that kicked off the modern LGBT movement and provides context for LGBT life in New York City and Boston in the 70s and 80s. 6-3-2019
Nov 13, 2018
A discussion with Reverend Irene Monroe about the midterms, the gains made, and the latest antics of POTUS. 11-12-2018
Jun 5, 2018
An interview with Shiela Moore, Chief Executive Officer of the Hildebrand Family Self Help Center. The Center partners with homeless families by providing shelter, permanent housing, training and work readiness programs, and life skill development. 6-4-2018
Apr 30, 2019
In the wake of the terrorist act at a synagogue in California, a discussion about the rise of terrorism by white supremacy in the age of Trump. 4-29-2019
Oct 30, 2018
A discussion about the massacre at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, the murder of two African American shoppers in Kentucky, anti-semitism, the incitement of violence, and Question 3 on the Massachusetts ballot, ensuring rights for transgender people.
Mar 20, 2015
Not for Nothin' is a weekly series produced by Susan Fleischmann. It features executive directors of Cambridge non-profits. If you are interested in having your non-profit featured on Not for Nothin,' contact Susan at
Mar 19, 2019
A discussion about Israel and anti-semitism, its roots and the language that triggers it. 3-18-2019
Oct 2, 2018
A discussion about the fallout from the confirmation hearings of Judge Brett Kavanaugh: PTSD, triggering, white male privilege, frat boy and mob behavior. 10-1-2018