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Dec 6, 2018 On this episode of "Cambridge Uncovered", a group of local media professionals sit down to reflect on how the media handled the midterm elections. Featuring: Rachel Gans-Boriskin (Senior Lecturer in the Communications Department at Simmons University) as moderator; and Rev. Irene Monroe (Host of "All Revved Up" on WGBH) and Chris Faraone (co-founder of Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism)... more
Nov 7, 2018 On this episode of Cambridge Uncovered, the focus is on addiction recovery. CCTV Cambridge News correspondent Kristina Kehrer is joined by Sargeant Louis Cherubino and Social Worker Sabrina Voegelin from the Cambridge Police Department (CPD), as well as Pat Medeiros of Cambridge Overcomes Addiction. They discuss the CPD's innovative PARTNER (Providing Access to Resources, Treatment Needs, and... more
Dec 31, 2017 In the 32nd episode of Cambridge Uncovered, host Priyanka Deo of explores the struggles of music and art education. A large amount of research shows that the arts is closely tied to almost everything we as a nation demand from our schools: academic achievement, social development, emotional development and civic engagement, just to name a few. Why then is it typically the first... more
Dec 31, 2017 In the 31st episode of Cambridge Uncovered, NeighborMedia citizen journalist Beverly Mire talks to three Cambridge kids doing amazing things. They are: Omari Tom, a 9-year-old who started Fair America, an organization that advocates for just that -- a fair America; and 10-year-olds Nicky and Tomas, hosts of the show "Science Squad" on CCTV Cambridge Community Television. Shot: Nov. 14, 2017 more
Dec 31, 2017 In the 30th episode of Cambridge Uncovered, host and moderator Priyanka Deo explores one of, if not the biggest issue in Cambridge: affordable housing. As we saw in the 2017 municipal elections, housing is a key concern affecting the entire community. Discussing some of the most pertinent issues in housing and how they impact Cambridge, Priyanka is joined by a panel of three experts and community... more
Dec 31, 2017 It's been almost a year since the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, and the nation's 45th president is still making headlines over his tweetstorms and handling of domestic issues and international affairs. In the 29th episode of "Cambridge Uncovered," a group of local media professionals sit down to talk about the ongoing and often tumultuous relationship between the media and the administration... more
Dec 31, 2017 Say the name Cambridge and it immediately evokes a unique image and culture. The Cambridge around us is a far cry from the manufacturing days of the 1950s, or the counterculture days of the 1970s and '80s. New development, soaring real estate costs, and a high-tech economic base are changing the face of Cambridge. But is it more than the face of Cambridge that has changed? In this episode of... more
Dec 31, 2017 In the 27th episode of Cambridge Uncovered, host Frank Morris Lopez sits down with two participants of the NeighborMedia citizen journalism program at Cambridge Community Television. Beverly Mire and Beth Redmond Walsh discuss the videos and articles they've contributed to, and why their stories - along with those of other citizen journalists in the community - are important to... more
Dec 31, 2017 "Constitutional crisis" and "immigration crisis." These are terms we hear a lot in the news these days. But what exactly do they mean? NeighborMedia journalist Kristina Kehrer sets out to learn the meaning of these terms from a couple of Cambridge lawyers. She interviews Ian Samuel, a lecturer at Harvard Law School, about what a true "constitutional crisis" is; and then speaks with Rachel... more
Dec 31, 2017 In the 25th episode of Cambridge Uncovered, host Joe Lynch of Somerville Community Access Television (creator, producer and host of the Greater Somerville talk show, news anchor of Somerville Neighborhood News) moderates a lively panel of Boston-area journalism experts, who discuss President Donald Trump's relationship with the media in his first 100 days in office. Guests are Rachel Gans-... more
Dec 31, 2017 Immigrant rights, refugee rights, civil liberties, racial justice, freedom of religion -- these are all areas that have come to the forefront of our nation's attention with Donald Trump as president, and these are all areas that many Cambridge residents care deeply about. In the 24th episode of Cambridge Uncovered, host Frank Morris Lopez interviews guests from organizations working across the... more
Dec 31, 2017 In the 23rd episode of Cambridge Uncovered, NeighborMedia coordinator Frank Morris Lopez is joined by representatives from three Cambridge movements who are organizing and fighting in the wake of a Donald Trump presidency. Peter Ciurczak of CAST - Cambridge Area Stronger Together, Lisa Blout of the Wall of Women, and Bill McAvinney of the Cambridge Democrats and the Sister District Project are... more
Dec 31, 2017 In the 22nd episode of "Cambridge Uncovered," NeighborMedia intern Maritza Merino interviews three students enrolled in a level 4 ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) class at the Cambridge Learning Center. Listz Jean Touissant and Waldophe Maximin, both of Haitin, and Qi Zhong of China, speak about their experiences and perceptions of America both before and after coming to the United... more
Dec 31, 2017 Following up on a half-day, mini-conference hosted by Cambridge Community Television on "The Media and the Election" in October, moderator Barbara Anthony (former Massachusetts Undersecretary of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation) is reunited with several panelists to continue the discussion, post-election, on the media's role in Election 2016. Rachel Gans-Boriskin (Politics in Pink), Chris... more
Dec 31, 2017 In the 20th episode of Cambridge Uncovered, NeighborMedia Coordinator Frank Morris brings back four Cambridge teens to talk about their reactions to the results of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. Reba-Glory Cabral from Community Charter School of Cambridge, Armanie Deleon of Cambridge Rindge and Latin, Erick Guzman of CRLS, and Anne Pierre, a CRLS 2016 graduate, talk about Hillary Clinton,... more
Dec 31, 2017 In the 19th episode of Cambridge Uncovered, NeighborMedia Coordinator Frank Morris sits down with guests from two Cambridge-based startups to talk about their businesses and how they have thrived in the city of Cambridge. Andrew Vassallo is the co-founder and general manager of, a crowdsourcing site for the Latino Community. Founded in 2016, FundLatinos, which is based out of... more
Dec 31, 2017 NeighborMedia citizen journalist Maurice Wilkey sits down with Detective William Phillips of the Cambridge Police Department to talk about crime trends in Cambridge, and in particular, violent crime. How are crime rates doing when compared to years past? How many murders have there been in the city of Cambridge this year and last year? What is the police department doing to build strong... more
Dec 31, 2017 For a long time, not much changed in the Wellington-Harrington neighborhood -- a community perhaps better known as the Inman Square area. But within the last decade, the neighborhood around Inman and Cambridge streets has seen a lot of changes. How are these changes affecting the area's longtime residents and businesses? NeighborMedia journalist Kristina Kehrer sat down with Cambridge City... more
Dec 31, 2017 As Cambridge faces the ongoing issue of food justice and food security, moderator Joan Squeri of Healthy Communities Capital Consulting sits down with Veronica Barron of Food for Free, Alanna Mallon from the Cambridge Weekend Backpack Program and Vice Mayor Marc McGovern who chaired the city's Income Insecurity Commission, to talk about what’s being done – and what needs to be done – to lessen... more
Dec 31, 2017 In the 15th episode of Cambridge Uncovered, four local women celebrate Cambridge Women's Heritage through a thoughtful discussion reflecting the legacy of Cambridge women past and present, unsung and famous, who have shaped the city and the community we live in. NeighborMedia reporter Siobhan Bredin interviews Sarah Burks of the Cambridge Historical Commission; Mary Leno, a former city employee... more
Dec 31, 2017 In "Teens on Politics: Election 2016," the 14th episode of Cambridge Uncovered, NeighborMedia coordinator Frank Morris interviews four Cambridge teens in a discussion centered around their political views, their knowledge of the U.S. presidential candidates, the roles race and gender have played in the current election cycle, and the issues most important to the youths' future. Record date: March... more