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Jul 5, 2018 Host Barbara Anthony discusses the City of Cambridge Vision Zero plan, protected bicycle lanes, and the impact on small businesses with guests City Manager Louis DePasquale, Joseph Barr, head of Traffic and Parking, Executive Director of the Harvard Square Business Association Denise Jillson, and Rob Skenderian, owner of Skenderian's Apothecary. Recorded at Cambridge Community Television, June... more
Aug 23, 2017 This episode focuses on UMass Boston and some of the controversial issues that have surfaced over the past year around that public university. Earlier this year, we heard that the school was projecting a $30 million deficit – that amount was later trimmed to $10 million. We heard that amidst a building program worth billions of dollars, there were billions of dollars in deferred maintenance that... more
May 22, 2017 This episode of Bay State Forum focuses on what Massachusetts should do now about health care in the face of so much uncertainty. Obamacare was modeled after RomneyCare, which was adopted by Massachusetts in 2006 to move toward universal healthcare for all. What happens if there is no longer a federal requirement that all people have to buy insurance? Or if people with pre-existing conditions... more
Mar 27, 2017 Barbara Anthony interviews two healthcare policy experts and consumer advocates who have worked at the forefront of healthcare reform in this state and country. Brian Rosman is the Policy and Government Relations Director for Health Care for All. Health Care for All is a Massachusetts consumer advocacy organization that works with our state government to pursue policies for affordable, quality... more
Nov 22, 2016 This episode was recorded exactly one week from the November 8th election that resulted in the defeat of Hillary Clinton - even though she won the popular vote-- and the improbable victory – to many of us – of one Donald Trump. Full disclosure – Barbara worked hard for HRC and thinks control of all branches of government in the hands of right wing conservatives with Trump at the helm is... more
Nov 22, 2016 In this episode, host Barbara Anthony conducts a post election interview with former Attorney General and current Senior Counsel at Casner and Edwards, LLP, Scott Harshbarger. This episode was recorded exactly one week after the November 8th election that resulted in the defeat of Hillary Clinton - even though she won the popular vote-- and the mind boggling victory – to many of us – of one... more
Jun 30, 2016 This episode kicks off a series of shows that will feature women in government. We hear so much about gender inequality in wages, in management, even in government leadership. So today is a special day because here to kick off our new series on women in leadership positions in Massachusetts government. Treasurer and Receiver general of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Deborah Goldberg was... more
Jun 30, 2016 This episode focuses on a topic that seems to provoke a lot of opinion either for or against: charter schools and their future in the Bay State. School may out each summer, but the debate around charter schools never seems to take a vacation. It’s a topic for all seasons. Host Barbara Anthony discusses charter schools with Jamie Gass, the Director of the Center for School Reform at the Pioneer... more
Apr 27, 2016 Con artists trying to steal our money? From the snake oil salesmen of covered wagon days to the sophisticated internet and telephone scams of today – the deal is the same - the conmen win and we lose – but it doesn’t have to be that way – we do not have to be victims of internet or boiler room scams. Experts in cyberspace, financial services and law enforcement talk about the problem and... more
Mar 29, 2016 This episode focuses on what has come to be called “the Opioid Crisis.” In Massachusetts and indeed across the country there has been a dramatic spike in the numbers of deaths caused by drug and heroin overdoses, especially among young people. The guests from the Cambridge Health Alliance are Kathy Betts, who is the Director of Community Health Improvement; and Dr. Mark Albanese, Director... more
Jul 10, 2015 Our program today is about the 2024 Boston Olympics. Many of us love watching the Olympics on TV and cheering on the USA teams. But it's been a wild ride ever since the the US Olympics Committee picked Boston as the proposed United States entry for the 2024 summer games. Some see the Olympics bid as a once in a lifetime chance for Boston. Others say “not in my backyard” and see huge cost overruns... more
May 22, 2015 This past winter we saw brutal winter storms that brought the MBTA and its commuter rail system to a standstill for weeks on end. The T is the 5th largest public transit system in the nation and Boston boasts that it is a world class city. Yet this past winter we couldn’t get the trains to run -----let alone run on time. Some people say the problem is chronic bad management and bloated unions... more
May 22, 2015 Bay State Forum is a public affairs program produced by Barbara Anthony. In this episode, she talks with Quinton Zondervan from Green Cambridge, Nancy Ryan from the Cambridge Residents Alliance, and Alec Papazian and Esther Hanig from A Better Cambridge. more
May 20, 2015 Our show today focuses on health care and a very unique community hospital system called Cambridge Health Alliance. While Cambridge Health Alliance is in Cambridge, it also serves Everett, Somerville, Malden, Winthrop, Chelsea, Medford and surrounding cities and towns. Cambridge Health Alliance is unique for many reasons but one of the most important is that its doors are wide open to low... more