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Has a TV show ever changed your life?

For every life-changing piece of media we consume, there are dozens more that never get made due to lack of access & opportunity (and sometimes, because of a little thing we call imposter syndrome).

Producing with CCTV — however you decide to do it — means access to the best equipment, facilities, and people. We need your voice, and we’re here to support you in sharing what you have to say.

Make art. Get weird. Be heard.

Host Your Own Live Show

Our on-air hosts cover everything from smoking restrictions to the latest episode of The Bachelor. Bring your passion, issues & interests to us, and you could be the on-air talent in your very own show on CCTV!

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Submit a Program

Calling all storytellers, documentarians, chefs, teachers, pastors, artists, dancers, filmmakers, producers, and more — CCTV has three TV channels running 24/7 (just sayin’). We’d love to feature your work!

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Rent Some Equipment

Dying to play around with that new, tricked-out camera without having to buy it? Email to get access to all the latest software, cameras, DSLRs, and audio equipment—now available for 7-day rentals!

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Hire Us to Produce

CCTV offers its production services & facilities for hire and/or rental, so you can do what you do best (whatever that is!) and know that the final result will be <chef’s kiss>.

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Members make more!

Plus, it's required to host your own show, get free rentals, and discounts on what's not to love?

There's always more to learn

Classes range from Beginning Studio Production (our most popular!) and include editing workshops and more specific/advanced trainings.

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Support CCTV

You are a part of this community, whether you’re in front of the camera (or behind the mic) or making it possible for someone else to be there.

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