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Test Story2

Test Story2

  • Posted on: 2 October 2006
  • By: sean

So I was recording Manimal onto my iPod, and – what? Yeah, I do it all the time. You don’t? Wait a minute – you still use your iPod just to listen to music? Pardon me, but…HAAA! HAAA-HAAA! HAAAA HA HA HA HAAAA-HAAA! Haven’t you realized that sound + video is twice as good as sound + nothing? OK, one more: HAAAAAAA!

Seriously, dude, get with the personal-video program. The iSee 360i Video Recorder lets most 4th or 5th-generation iPods record video from any analog source – TV, cable, satellite, DVR, even DVD if you use an analog-out connection. What do we mean by "most"? Check this chart for details.

The possibilities, as they say, are endless. Who cares if they haven’t released That’s My Mama on DVD yet? Just hook the iSee 360i up to your VCR, grab those episodes from your old videocassettes, and enjoy the awkward comic timing of the young Clifton Davis anywhere you go. With few exceptions, if you can watch it on a screen, the iSee 360i can record it to your 4th-or-5th-gen iPod.