Podcasting at CCTV

Podcasting at CCTV

learn to produce and distribute your own podcast

CCTV has everything you need to produce your own podcast.

• Training

Upcoming classes:
Introduction to Podcasting, $45
Sunday, May 19, 6-9pm
A one-time crash course to get you started toward creating a podcast of your own. Together we’ll figure out what podcast format is best for you, what kind of equipment you’ll need, what kind of stories we can tell through podcast, and how to make it on your own terms. Instructor: Emily Parent

Intermediate Podcasting, $135
Prerequisite: Intro to Podcasting
3 Sundays, June 2nd, 9th & 16th
This 4-session course is ideal for students ready to take the next step on their podcasting journey! Whether you’re waiting for the opportunity to start recording and producing the podcast of your dreams or just looking for a little assistance in advancing an already-existing podcast, this workshop environment will allow you the space, equipment, and guidance necessary to breathe fresh energy into your podcast project. This is a great follow-up to the Introduction to Podcasting class

• Multi-track Recording Studio

• Field Recording Equipment

• Editing with Audition

• Distribution

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