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MIT Climate Change Digital Stories 2019

MIT Climate Change Digital Stories 2019

Digital stories and a 360 film produced in collaboration with MIT's PKG Spring Break Program undergraduate participants.

  • Posted on: 12 June 2019
  • By: Susan

This Spring CCTV partnered with the Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center (PKG) at MIT for the school's Alternative Spring Break (ASB) program. It's the second year in a row we have collaborated with the PKG Center and were very happy to welcome them back to CCTV! For this partnership, MIT sends undergraduate ASB participants to CCTV to learn how to produce their own digital stories about their experiences and what they learn during their week of exploring social justice issues. This year the MIT group spent their ASB week exploring the topic of climate change and how Boston is addressing the ongoing threats and hurdles brought on by it. Students from MIT visited the Blue Hills Reservation and Observatory Science Center, Wakefield Estate, Naval War College, Eastie Farms, and the US Coast Guard to get a sense of what impacts of climate change Boston and its surrounding areas are currently facing and how the city is addressing them.

This year instructors Jordy Brazo and Xia Rondeau lead the ASB participants on two different media productions to capture their experiences through film over the course of the week. Like last year, students were taught how to produce digital stories in small groups. CCTV also worked with them to create an immersive 360 project. It was very exciting to collaborate with the PKG Center on a 360 film--students were enthralled by the possibilities of immersive media and found it to be a powerful tool for communicating the realities of climate change in an entertaining, engaging, and thought provoking way.

By the end of their time with CCTV, ASB participants from MIT walked away with four unique projects, three of which were digital stories, and the fourth of which was a cinematic virtual reality project. Their hard work culminated in a screening for their peers at MIT, which was a packed room of other ASB participants, collaborators, and faculty. It was very exciting to see their projects on the big screen, and to share their 360 film using CCTV's portable virtual reality headsets. It was clear everyone was impressed by their creations, and rightfully so.

Below are projects produced by the MIT students about their Alternative Spring Break experiences. For the 360 film you can click and drag your mouse around in the video to change your perspective and experience it as a virtual reality project!

MIT Alternative Spring Break 2019: Boston and Climate Change in 360 from Cambridge Community Television on Vimeo.