Technology Resource Center for Older Adults

Technology Resource Center for Older Adults

CCTV offers a variety of technology education programs for people over the age of 50

Weekly at CCTV!

Computer lab for People Over 50
Those over 50 can come to Computers for People Over 50 on Mondays and Thursdays from 1 pm to 3 pm to receive computer training and support from patient and knowledgeable volunteers. This program is designed to meet the needs and interests of each participant. People with varying levels of computer experience are welcome to attend.

Each Monday at 2pm, the "Computers for 50+" lab interns offer a short (15 - 20 minute) mini-lesson. Lessons cover dozens of topics, from social media to internet search engines to external hard drives. This quarter we will have several lessons about the Cambridge Public Library and how to utilize their online services.
This year, we are also launching “Topical Thursdays”-- each month, we will explore a different type of technology. Check out our list of topics below. And, be sure to stop by on Thursday afternoon to explore these topics and/or to get assistance with basic computer skills. Our staff and interns are eager and ready to support you.

Computers 50+ MONDAY Mini-Lesson Schedule

WINTER 2019 Schedule
3/25- Using Public Computers Safely

SPRING 2019 Schedule
4/1- Voice Activated Commands
4/8- The NPR App!
4/22- Apps for Meditation: Calm
4/29- Apps for Meditation: Headspace
5/6- 2-Step Verification
5/13- How To Get Groceries Delivered To Your House Using Apps
5/20- Opening and Closing Windows and Tabs On Your Phone
6/3- Mini-lesson TBD
6/10- How To Find (Anything) Online!
6/17- Organizing Your Email On A Desktop Computer
6/24- Finding Your Emails On Your Phone

"Topical Thursday's" in the Lab Schedule

WINTER 2019 Schedule

February: Virtual Adventures-- Have you heard of virtual or augmented reality? CCTV has a new virtual reality lab and we are inviting the 50+ lab into it. Explore Google earth, view 360 degree video, play games, or just enjoy watching others use the VR goggles.

March: Defunct Devices-- Do you have a tech device that you have stopped using out of frustration? Something that you want to use but can’t figure out how to make work again? Do you have files on your phone or computer that you can’t find and have become discouraged around? The lab is the perfect place to dust off your old devices and see what we can do with them.


Classes for People Over 50

Data Storage Options

Deciding where and how to store your digital files (photos, documents, music) can be challenging. From mega to terabytes, Google Drive to external hard drives, this course will demystify the madness and help you choose which storage methods or devices best fit your needs. Registration is required. Please email or call 617-401-4058.

Internet Security with Google
Wednesday March 20th - 1-3pm

With cyber crime becoming more and more regular, it's as important as ever to know how to protect yourself online. In this class, instructors from Google will teach the basics of how to safeguard your privacy online and explain some useful terminology. You’ll learn how to keep the bad guys out, how to keep "malware" at bay, and how to not fall for tricks and scams. We’ll discuss password best practices and how to navigate privacy settings on popular sites as well as explore the ways companies may track you online and how to limit the information you make available to these businesses. Registration is required. Please email or call 617-401-4058.

* DATE CHANGE as of 1/15/2019