People's Guide to Voting in Cambridge!

People's Guide to Voting in Cambridge!

Although many democracies around the world use some form of proportional representation to elect their political leaders, Cambridge is one of a very few communities in the US that does so. CCTV recently produced a program that sheds light on this unique facet of living in Cambridge.

Whether you are a voter, a candidate for office, or part of a constituency seeking an increased voice through the election process, “The People’s Guide to Voting in Cambridge” will help you understand how to make the most of your right to vote. Election auditor George Goverman and election analyst Robert Winters, author of the Cambridge Civic Journal, help us understand the finer points of electing and getting elected in Cambridge. Check CCTV’s Program Schedule for the dates and times this hour-long program plays on Cable Channels 9 and 10.

The program is on TV, but a bonus segment is available right here on the internet. For additional footage from the interview click the "Play" button at the top of this article. This movie file is viewable on your iPod, too.

This program was produced by John Donovan, directed by Sean Effel with technical directors ArtMan Martins and Susan Fleischmann. Thank you to our volunteer crew members Lauren Kroiz, Angel Aiguier, Buz Owen, Atticus Gifford, and Mario Davila.

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