Nonprofit Workshops & Production Opportunities

Nonprofit Workshops & Production Opportunities

The Cambridge Nonprofit Resource Exchange offers technology training for nonprofit professionals.

Workshops for Nonprofits

The July - September schedule will be announced in June.

Registration is required. Please contact Ellen Daoust at 617-401-4009 or to register. To pay for a class, click here.

Production Opportunities for Nonprofits

Hire CCTV To Produce an Affordable Public Service Announcement Video for Your Nonprofit: New Format, Great for Social Media!

Do you want to change the way people think about an issue? Do you want to educate a Cambridge audience about your organization's work or promote an upcoming event?
Hire CCTV to record a 30-second text-based public service announcement (PSA) video for your organization.

To participate, all you need to do is:
1. Contact Seth Myer at to register. The cost is $180 for CCTV members, and $200 for non-members,
2. Send Seth 3-5 sentences of text and organization’s logo to be featured in your video.
3. Arrange a one-hour taping appointment during which a CCTV camera operator will come to your organization to record video that illustrates the points in your script.

CCTV will edit the footage, text, and your organization’s logo into a 30-second PSA. All videos will be shown on CCTV’s cable channels, and will be shared with you to use on social media.

Questions? Contact Seth Myer at or 617 401 4006 for more details.