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DVDs Approaching End of Live at CCTV

DVDs Approaching End of Live at CCTV

CCTV will discontinue all use of DVDs in our broadcast operations as of January 1, 2020!

  • Posted on: 30 July 2019
  • By: sean

The message goes out to all of our dedicated television producers. CCTV will discontinue all use of DVDs in our broadcast operations as of January 1, 2020. At that time, CCTV will no longer accept program submissions on DVD media.

DVDs have been a staple for access producers who circulate their programs to TV stations, however, DVD video quality is now considered poor by modern standards. It takes an enormous amount of time for producers to make a DVD, and even more time to convert DVDs for playback on CCTV's channels. Many producers have found alternative online tools for distributing high quality video files that save them time, travel, and money. Google Drive, Dropbox, and WeTransfer are good examples.

To help make this transition successful for all of our producers, CCTV will introduce new guidelines and methods to submit your programs electronically. We will offer workshops in the use of these tools and offer consultations for any producer who needs extra help. Schedules for those opportunities will be released shortly.

CCTV has only two DVD recorders in operation (in our live studio and dub station). We will support those devices until they eventually fail, but we will not replace them. If you depend upon those recorders for your program then please begin transitioning our digital SD card recorders. Our cablecast interns and staff at the front desk can help you learn how to use them.

There will be more information to follow in the weeks to come. Until then, mark your calendars for Jan 1, 2020, as the end of the line for DVDs at CCTV. Please reach out to me with any questions!