Nicolas Cage: Greatest American Actor • Series of 11 Films!

Mon, 06/11/2012 - 19:30 to Thu, 06/21/2012 - 21:30

Few actors have enjoyed the range of films that Nicolas Cage has appeared in – and few actors can match his acting range that seems to flow from a whisper to a scream, often within the same sentence. This series highlights Cage’s more extreme roles from his debut as a lead actor in VALLEY GIRL to his undeniably great performances in David Lynch’s WILD AT HEART and the Coen Brothers’ RAISING ARIZONA to his turn as over-the-top action star in CON-AIR and FACE/OFF, to his more recent scenery-chewing appearances in BAD LIEUTENANT and THE WICKER MAN. We’ve eschewed his lauded performances in films like Moonstruck and Leaving Las Vegas to focus on what we affectionately term the “Crazy Cage” movies and the results are wild, wonderful and unforgettable. Join us in celebrating this mercurial and versatile actor who has the power to literally force a film into being entertaining by his mere presence.

RAISING ARIZONA/VALLEY GIRL Double Feature • Mon 6/11 & Tue 6/12
WILD AT HEART • Fri 6/15
THE ROCK/CON AIR Double Feature • Sat 6/16
FACE-OFF/SNAKE EYES Double Feature • Sun 6/17
BAD LIEUTENANT/WICKER MAN Double Feature • Thu 6/21

$9.75 Adults/$7.75 Matinees before 5:00
$7.75 Students/Seniors/Brattle Members

Tickets, trailers & additional info available from the Brattle Theatre website:

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