CST’s Lobby Display Invites Audiences to Reflect on Memory

Written with Rachael MacAskill, CST Intern

YESTERDAY HAPPENED: REMEMBERING H.M. enjoyed a successful opening, playing to a very engaged and appreciative audience. One Goldstar reviewer wrote:

"The World Premiere of YESTERDAY HAPPENED: REMEMBERING H.M leads you to experience the angst of having no memories, and sweetens it with human, cozy aspects of one’s life. Storytelling explains the intricacies of human cognition and the process of forming memories. The play was very informative – MIT’s collaboration was well-justified in the detailed scientific awareness about the brain and its memory forming processes the viewer gets – all the while being immersed in a story as rich as the play with human subjectivity can produce. Angst is a constitutive part of the whole experience."


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