Proposed Amendment to the CCTV Bylaws 2012

For a number of years, an elected Members Advisory Committee served as liason between the membership, Board of Directors, and staff. In 2011, prior to the Annual Meeting, MAC representatives and the Board determined that the structure of the MAC was no longer functioning as it had been intended, and assumed responsibility for developing a new structure to better serve the needs of members.

Over the course of many months, the Board of Directors developed this plan:
• that two Member Representatives be elected to the Board for one-year terms,
• that the staff and Board would engage in significant member feedback efforts to solicit feedback directly from members no fewer than 4 times per year, and
• that the Board of Directors would conduct a town hall style meeting to solicit feedback and ideas directly from the membership.

Following are the specific changes that are proposed to change the CCTV By Laws:

Delete current Article Six and replace with Article Six: Member Participation and Feedback
1. Solicitation of Member Feedback
In order to solicit feedback and encourage participation by each member of Cambridge Community Television, the staff, in consultation with relevant Board committees, will conduct significant member feedback efforts (written or on-line surveys, focus groups, etc. ) no fewer than four times per year. The results will be made available to the Board of Directors, and will be incorporated by staff in CCTV operations as appropriate.

2. Annual Board of Directors Town Hall
Annually, the Board of Directors will hold a town hall style meeting to solicit feedback and ideas from CCTV members.

3. Notification
Notification of the efforts to solicit member feedback and the annual Town Hall will be posted in the facility at least one month prior and will be included in periodic member emails.

4. Feedback Efforts and Town Hall Agendas
Members may suggest agenda topics for member feedback efforts to the Executive Director. Town Hall topics may be submitted to the Board President.

Article One, paragraph 2, delete Members Advisory Committee

Article Two, Delete Section 3, and change numbering of remaining sections
Section 10, delete “the Members Advisory Committee”

Article Three, Section 1, change to “The Board of Directors shall have and may exercise all of the powers of the Corporation conferred upon it by the Articles of Organization or by these By-Laws.
Section 2, change “and from the Members Advisory Committee” to “the membership, as designated Member Representatives. The term of the Member Representatives shall be one year.”

Section 3, change “Two (2) representatives selected by and from the Members Advisory Committee at their first meeting after the Annual Meeting will fill the remaining two (2) seats.” To “Two (2) representatives selected by and from the membership will fill the remaining two (2) seats.
Change “An individual may run for a seat on the Board of Directors or the Members Advisory Committee” to “An individual may run for a regular seat on the Board of Directors or one of the two member representative seats”

Article Nine, Section 7, delete “Advisory Congress”