Posted by local foodie on Apr 15, 2012.

Finding the best burger in Boston

My fellow foodie pal Tony was going on and on about a life changing burger moment he recently experienced at a little gem called Farmstead in Providence, RI. I , too, have had the great pleasure of enjoying this over the top & beyond burger. But I live in Boston, so when I get that carniverous itch , I need to be able to scratch it locally . Thus, we have set out on a quest to find the top burger in my hood ( so to speak:). For the sake of efficiency and not wanting to go into cardiac arrest, we've decided to narrow it down to 10. We googled Top Ten Burgers in Boston and went with the Gayot list . I am sure many of you have your own personal favorites and I'd would love to hear about them!

The list is as follows :

1. Audubon Circle Bar
2. Boston Beer Works
3. The Bristol
4. Bukowski Tavern
5. Eastern Standard
6. Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage
7. Morton's Steakhouse
8. The Publick House
9. Radius
10. Union Bar & Grill

Since Tony and I will both be in the financial district Tuesday afternoon, we've chosen Radius as our first spot.
Stay tuned.....................