New Sights in East Cambridge

New Sights in East Cambridge

I took a stroll to Northpoint Park yesterday to check on progress on the new North Bank Bridge that connects East Cambridge with Charlestown and Downtown Boston. The bicycle and pedestrian bridge which runs from Northpoint Park in Cambridge to Paul Revere Park in Charlestown is scheduled to open in June. This bridge forms another link in the network of shared use paths that line both sides of the Charles River, Boston Harbor, and eventually the Minuteman path to Concord, and the Grand Junction Path to Cambridgeport.

The good folks at Friends of the Community Path in Somerville have been working hard for years to get the portion of the path from Davis Square to Northpoint designed and funded. They could use our support. How nice would it be to be able to bike from North Cambridge to East Cambridge/Kendall Sq. and Downtown without using busy streets? Pretty nice I think.

The North Bank Bridge is a really interesting piece of architecture. The sinusoidal design makes for what I think is a visual delight. The attached PDF from the designer Ammann & Whitney gives a better explanation than I could of the details. Please take a look, it is a fascinating structure. Located near the Zakim Bridge, the skate park, and the interesting new EF building, the North Bank Bridge will make this corner of Cambridge one of the must see places in any tour of the area. As you cross this bridge you get views of Northpoint Park, the Duck Boat launch ramp, the commuter rail draw bridge, the Zakim Bridge, the historic Millers River, the Green Line aquaduct, The Museum of Science, The Charles River, Paul Revere Park, the Charles River dam and navigation locks, and the scenic Boston Sand and Gravel plant. It also provides a direct path to the Charlestown Navy Yard National Historic Park.

I'm sure I'll add this to my preferred routes as soon as I'm allowed.

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I love the perspective and the way you capture the juxtaposition of natural and human made landscape.

- sb

Beautiful photos, Mark