Signs of THE End: From cows in Wisconsin to wars and natural disasters

Signs of THE End: From cows in Wisconsin to wars and natural disasters

  • Posted on: 20 March 2012
  • By: nshaar

The concept of the end of time is a pretty common concept in all religions that I, and I'm sure many of you, know about, or at least know of. There is even a post about End Time on Wikipedia, and we all know that if something makes it past the screening process of the wikipedia reviewers, it has to be true/right/correct! It is also worth noting that the term 'Sarcasm' is also on Wikipedia.

I remember growing up with the idea that End Time is close and many symptoms of THE Day that had been documented in religious books, centuries ago, were surfacing. I remember the big fuss about the year 2000, and that one kid I knew who dropped out of school in 1997 to enjoy the last 3 years he had left! Perhaps a more known example would be the second Iraq war. One of its battles termed "The Flood" apparently had been listed as a symptom of the end of time in some religious book as "The flood in the land between the two rivers" - Iraq historically was know as 'the land between the two rivers', where the 'two rivers' are Tigris and Euphrates, Iraq's biggest rivers that nourish a lot of the country's farmland. Ironically, the areas by those rivers have seen numerous actual floods for centuries!

The wikipedia article has a long list of 'signs' that you can go through and make a decision on what makes sense to you and what doesn't. However, what did not make it to the list of signs past the wikipedia reviewing is the 200 Wisconsin cow deaths on January 14, 2011! The cows of Wisconsin came up in a serious conversation recently, and I HAD to look up what was so special about those cows. The google search engine, for some reason, thought that an article about how the death of 200 Wisconsin cows was of biblical importance was the most relevant to 'cows in Wisconsin'. The article on reports on the incident and sites theologian Paul Begley who said,"There’s something biblically going on with the signs of the second coming of Christ."

After my brief research, aka a single search on google, the take home message is that the cows of Wisconsin are so important that if they start dying, we are all goners! Perhaps it is time to resort to science to avoid the cows' deaths and hence delay 'End Time'!

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Thank you, Nader!! You have made my day!!

Enjoyed your piece, Nader. Apparently those cows died from eating decayed sweet potatoes.
So relax -- no need to search for a religious meaning.
Mary Holbrow
P.S. I grew up on a Wisconsin farm and even raised some cows, which lived long & happy lives; cheesemakers were interested in them, but not prophets.

nader, you beat me to it...because i had to wait for my account to be approved. lol.

I'm glad that some people have enjoyed reading the article. Mary, thanks for sharing the 'solution' article! :-)

This just in from Wisconsin -- loud booming noises in the night. The cows were just a warning...