Alliance of Cambridge Tenants (ACT) Launches New Website

Alliance of Cambridge Tenants (ACT) Launches New Website

  • Posted on: 7 January 2012

After months of research and hard work the Alliance of Cambridge Tenants (ACT) was able to launch its new website, getting it off the ground, up and running. The ACT homepage can be found at Please check it out, and bring yourself up to date on issues and concerns that affect Public Housing Residents and Section 8 Voucher Tenants in the City of Cambridge and surrounding areas. On the site itself you’ll be able to find forms and materials to be utilized in helping residents interact with the Cambridge Housing Authority (CHA). Links to national, state, local, regional, and other agencies and organizations can be found on the website, as can information on government housing policy that will help with local problems.

A calendar is offered to keep you informed of events and happenings in Cambridge and the surrounding areas. Visitors to ACT’s new website will find articles relating to federal and state housings issues, policies, and laws. Information pertaining to the identity of tenant councils located at the city’s various Public Housing developments is highlighted as well as other organizations ACT is affiliated with.

A steady stream of news, reporting, and original links to other publications and articles relating to the housing sector are also available. The primary focus of ACT’s new website will be on issues and concerns of Cambridge’s low income residents and tenant households. Anyone with a genuine interest in what happens to the citizens, residents, and tax payers of the City of Cambridge, Massachusetts will find much to their liking at ACT’s newly launched website.

In addition to an abundance of interesting items at the site, visitors will find that it has multilingual options. Also visitors will encounter and discover that much of the site is still under construction. Construction of multilingual content is a vital part of what ACT wants this website to be. It needs places where Cambridge’s diverse communities, can come together to share news and information. Besides English, Kreyol, Portuguese, and Spanish, ACT is also preparing to launch in Arabic and Chinese.

Finally, space on ACT’s new website has been reserved for the general community at large. If anyone is interested in helping ACT help others, or if you think ACT can help you in some way, please contact ACT. Please have tolerance and be patient with ACT! ACT is an all-volunteer organization on a very limited budget. Nobody gets paid - ACT simply doesn't have any money for that. That's not going to change anytime soon. We are all in a bleak economic situation as Government agencies and foundations are cutting back more and more. ACT has no choice but to rely on itself and on each you to face the challenging days ahead.

ACT hope and believe that this website will help it achieve its goals. If you have suggestions or information, or can help to maintain and improve the site, please let ACT know. Contact information can be found at


It's a great site. I was captivated by the reporting on it.

Dear Mr. Herold,

Thanks for responding to my posting. I'm glad you enjoyed the reporting on ACT"s new webesite. ACT has also moved to a new location. I have submitted another report to be published in the NeighborMedia section of CCTV's website, be on the look out for it. Better than that,I will include a copy of the article in this posting especially for you. It will update you somewhat on ACT new move, for more , you can checkout ACT's website, the address for it is given in the article that follows, soon to be released at CCTV's website:

TITLE: The Alliance of Cambridge Tenants (ACT) Changes it’s Office Venue.
As some of you NeighborMedia blogs readers remember, on January 7, 2012, this NeighborMedia correspondent, reported on the new website launched by the Alliance of Cambridge Tenants (ACT). Well, today I’m proud to make another announcement concerning ACT. The Alliance of Cambridge Tenants has changed the venue of it’s office, no longer being located at the Manning Apt., now it has been relocated to the Jackson Gardens housing complex, on the corner of Prospect St., and 259 Harvard St. downstairs in the basement, two blocks north of Massachusetts Ave., going towards Somerville, MA. ACTs’ post office box remains the same, it ‘s address is “Alliance of Cambridge Tenants (ACT), P.O. Box 391078. ACT can be reached by telephone at 617-499.7031, e-mailed at ACT has announced that it is grateful to the Manning Tenant Council for sharing their office with them for the past three years.

The first order of business in ACT’s new location and home, was to close the nomination period for it’s up coming Board of Directors (BOD) Election, to be held on April 10, 2012. A candidates night will be held for the community to come out, and meet the candidates, and listen to them give brief oral presentations, on March 2O, 2012 at 6:00 PM, at the Cambridge Senior Center, directly across the street from Cambridge’s City Hall. Ballots will be mailed out to Tenants and Residents of the Cambridge Housing Authority (CHA) for this BOD election, they can then be mailed back, or drop off at designated polling places, posted on ACT’s website ( I’m running for re-election to a seat on ACT’s board, my position statement along with the other candidates will also appear on the BOD ballots, they can also be found posted on ACT’s website. Be sure to check them out and come and visit ACT at it’s new home.