Occupy Boston : "Dan the Bagel Man", and Nicole

Occupy Boston : "Dan the Bagel Man", and Nicole

  • Posted on: 16 November 2011
  • By: GORG FOX

Occupy Boston's food and resource teams have a central responsibility in the local movement.
Dan the Bagel Man has been resourcing throw away items for years and is helping again to make
his experience work for the common good. Nicole a mid-west activist shares her reasons for
taking part in the local movement and why it is necessary for more of us to do so. The interview
was a recent episode of my "What We Should Know!, Be Live on Sunday evening at 5:45 pm. Enjoy the
show and visit Dewey Square on the red line at South Station. Get to know these young people that
you have seen on the first two CCTV Occupy Boston episodes.


Occupy Boston- Dan the Bagel Man- The Occupy Movement in Boston has already attracted seasoned activists to support its structures.Dan is a local activist with lots of food experience. Nicole has taken the time to visit other Occupy Movements and relays her experiences here for the Cambridge audience. Each of them provide insights into the workings of one of Boston's most exciting communities activities. The nationwide dis-satisfaction with governments inability to actually present and implement solutions to the dramatic conditions, is clearly brought forward in the interview. The solutions Dan and Nicole suggest are interesting because they offer the opportunity to each of us to work toward an improvement actively. The program is enjoyable and informative for those interested in getting more detail on the convictions of the activists on Dewey Square at South Station, Boston. MA.

Great Show Gorg! Hope you can get more activist on your next BeLive!