Hi Cambridge!

Hi Cambridge!

Hey Cambridge,

I’m Andrew, a new NeighborMedia citizen journalist. I’ve been in the Cambridge area for just over two years now, having arrived from sunny California to study urban planning. I grew up down the street from Disneyland and have been an avid traveler my whole life, so I love to explore the ways that tourism in various forms impacts the city I live in.

Here in Cambridge, tourists and visitors are of course a part of life, from the thousands of visitors to the city’s universities and to Harvard Square’s vibrant business scene, to the New Englanders who come for some of Cambridge’s famous festivals and events. These visitors keep the local economy thriving and local culture alive, but what I’m curious about is how they and the places they visit define how we Cantabrigeans see the city.

So look to my posts to explore the many ways residents and visitors alike define the identity of this city. From the history of the city’s development and the memories and experiences that make up that history, to tourism planning and marketing the city for visitors, to new technological tools that are changing the way we interact with the city, place and urban identity are an ever-changing story. I hope to use this as a forum to explore what Cambridge means as a place to live, work, and play. What does it mean to you? Leave a comment and let me know, and I might ask you about my next story!


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