Posted by GORG FOX on Nov 7, 2011.

Occupy Boston:" The First Weeks"

The Occupy Movement is a world wide phenomena! In only 6 weeks there are thousands of "Occupations", and more coming each day, in-spite of heavy opposition. The reasons for the phenomena are understood , even if they cannot all be enumerated. The daily injustice and discrimination against the poor , the working poor and middle class by corporations knows no limits. Everyone is a targeted to feed their insatiable greed. Against this growing and dangerously escalating (i.e. Super Committee) idea to further "punish" the citizens for the corporations "gluttony,"sub-prime", bank bail-out, record profits, hedge-fund billionaires, and more.
Occupy Boston shows how young people have established a tent community in down-town Boston and are working to create "a new perspective", and are receiving some attention and considerable support from the surrounding community.