City Election Recap Tonight on CCTV!

City Election Recap Tonight on CCTV!

  • Posted on: 9 November 2011
  • By: Susan

Yesterday's Cambridge election is over and the "preliminary" winners have been announced. Susana Segat and Robert Winters return to CCTV's channels tonight with a report on the day's count of absentee and hand-counted ballots, and announce the "unofficial" results of the 2011 Cambridge election. (Official Results are announced ten days after the election.) Tune in to Channel 9 at 8PM.

Segat has served on the School Committee and Winters runs the immensely popular Cambridge Civic Journal. Both are extremely knowledgeable, informative and entertaining.


How do you get the webcast to work?

sorry, this time it was only being shown on our channel. Maybe next time -

Please make available online this great program! CCTV needs to catch up to the all the current technologies communicating ever more widely among all the folks not subscribers to cable TV.


Please DO start planning now so that CCTV's coverage of the Count can be Web-streamed live as well as cablecast in 2013.

Also, can you please Web-post the video of this year's programming? I missed some of the interviews, and I am sure that there are many other members of CCTV and the general public who would like to view what we missed.


Will do, Motor Voter! This was a big experiment for us - the link from the Senior Center to CCTV was just completed that day, so we were just trying one major experiment at a time. Hopefully, by the time the next local election comes around in two years, we will be ready!

Thanks, Susan. Advances in the technology will make live Web-streaming a snap two years from now, I'll bet.

Can you please Web-post last week's CCTV coverage of the Count?

As soon as it gets edited, will do.

Great! I'm eager to see the interviews and commentary I missed, especially the candidates and the MIT prof.