House Redistricting

House Redistricting

The most common news about the 2010 census data is that Massachusetts will have to shift from 10 Congressional districts to 9 Congressional districts. It is estimated that those newly drawn draft district maps will be presented to the public in early November.

Less talked about is the fact that the 2010 census data is also used to create new State Senate and State Representative districts within our cities and towns.

According to the State House’s website on redistricting,, “redistricting is the process of redrawing legislative district boundaries from which public officials are elected. Redistricting in Massachusetts takes place after release of the decennial census data.”

On October 18, 2011 at 2:00 p.m., the Massachusetts State Legislature’s Special Joint Committee on Redistricting met to present the proposed new district maps for our State Senators and State Representatives. Background information, proposed maps (as shown at the top of this article), and other useful facts can be found at the website.

See if there are any changes in your precinct. Here is an initial analysis of what is proposed for Cambridge:


New Rep: Precinct: Current Rep:
Brownsberger 11.1 Brownsberger
Brownsberger 11.3 Brownsberger


New Rep: Precinct: Current Rep:
Hecht 9.1 Hecht
Hecht 9.2 Hecht
Hecht 9.3 Hecht
Hecht 10.3 Brownsberger
Hecht 11.2 Brownsberger


New Rep: Precinct: Current Rep:
Wolf 4.1 Wolf
Wolf 4.2 Wolf
Wolf 4.3 Wolf
Wolf 6.2 Wolf
Wolf 6.3 Wolf
Wolf 7.1 Wolf
Wolf 7.2 Wolf
Wolf 7.3 Wolf
Wolf 8.1 Wolf
Wolf 8.2 Wolf
Wolf 8.3 Wolf
Wolf 10.1 Wolf
Wolf 10.2 Wolf


New Rep: Precinct: Current Rep:
Toomey 1.1 Toomey
Toomey 1.2 Toomey
Toomey 1.3 Toomey
Toomey 2.1 Toomey
Toomey 3.1 Toomey
Toomey 3.2 Toomey
Toomey 3.3 Walz
Toomey 6.1 Toomey


New Rep: Precinct: Current Rep:
Walz 2.2 Rushing
Walz 2.3 Walz
Walz 5.1 Walz
Walz 5.2 Walz
Walz 5.3 Walz

This district, currently held by Rushing, would be gone from Cambridge.

(Please note that under the 'new' columns, for brevity and clarity the names of the Representatives currently holding these seats were used instead of the official name of the district. Our current Representatives stay in their seats until the next election. Once these districts are officially approved by the State House, these maps will be used for the State Rep. elections to be held next year.)

The Special Joint Committee on Redistricting also announced that the public has fourteen days to make comments about these draft maps. If you have any comments or recommendations, you can contact the Committee at After this public comment period, the Committee will finalize their recommendations and send the new district maps to the legislature for a vote.

(Attached below is the map of the current districts, from the Cambridge Election Commission website)

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