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Spreading the Word-'CCTV's Galla coming soon!'

Greetings everyone!...Angel is here to spread some good words to each and everyone of you. If you don't know by now, well we will keep on telling you, and that is that the 'CCTV 2011 GALA is Happening-Soon'. So, the word is out! Get your tickets now, or buy some for your friends, or who ever, but get them now. Stop by CCTV to find out more, or check out our website at:
We had a great 2011 first Member's Party, and things are looking great here. We still need your support, in many ways, so let us know what you can do. We still have alot of furniture that needs to be bought or donated, and other important things of interest.
By the way, I am working on the '2011 Member's Party' video, right now, and it will be airing soon, or up on the blogger. Watch for it, we had some pretty great testimonials and interviews, by friends of CCTV. It was fun doing the Flip Shooting, had a great time. Lot's of great footage.
See you all at the GALA, October 25th, here at the new CCTV-438 Massachusetts Ave, in Cambridge, MA. Everyone and anyone, that could imagine will be here.
Also, coming up on Thursday, October 20, 2011, @ 7PM is the Tibetan Film Screening, a really great piece by some of my really cool friends.
The number #61 Bandwidth Shoot is coming up in the new big Studio at the end of this month too.
On October 31st, 2011, CCTV will be doing their 'Ooooooh soooo Scary Halloween Shoot out in the streets of Cambridge', I will be out there with a crew shooting hopefully on Norfolk and Cambridge Street at the Norfolk Street Halloween Block Party, where there will be lots of little Trick or treators, roaming the block. Project Bread will be there too.
So much is happening, I haven't got any more room to write, so check out the CCTV Calendar for more info. If you haven't joined CCTV as a member yet, don't worry, you can do it anytime, or come to our next orientation coming up in November.
An angel has work to do now, so got to run. Be good to your self, and everyone else around you. John, don't forget to stretch, Renato, stay balanced, Nicole keep on giving those good vibes, Marissa keep on wiring, and the rest of you on staff, I am with you too.
See yah in the airwaves....

Yours truelly,

Your CCTV Angel Producer!