Women's History Month

Women's History Month

What's new to CCTV? A List of Programs to Check Out This Week!

  • Posted on: 14 March 2022
  • By: Alfonso

Women's History Month
Channel 9

African American Dollmaking and Puppetry: Renegotiating Identity, Restoring Community, African American artisans utilize ancient skills and innovative technologies to create dolls and puppets that are both whimsical and starkly serious. Their creations, incorporating clay, textiles, wood, glass and found objects, embrace the somber reality of African American experiences and optimism for a boundless future. From the Library of Congress.
1 PM on Mon 3/14
6:30 PM on Wed 3/16, Fri 3/18, Sun 3/20

Afghan Women's Poems Inspire, Mahnaz Rezaie represented the Afghan Women's Writing Project (AWWP) during a conversation where poetry and visual art was shared. Part of the Persian Book Lecture Series, presented in collaboration with the Roshan Institute for Persian Studies at the University of Maryland. From the Library of Congress.
7:30 PM on Mon 3/14
1 PM on Wed 3/16, Thurs 3/17, Fri 3/18

Hidden Figures: Discussing the Women of NASA with Margot Lee Shetterly, the Library of Congress commemorated Women's History Month with a special interview about the women of NASA, their courage, leadership and super powers in the history of the American space program. Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden led a discussion with author Margot Lee Shetterly and producer Donna Gigliotti.
4 PM on Mon 3/14
2 PM on Tue 3/15, Thurs 3/17

“Is It a Crime to Vote?” on Susan B Anthony and Ida B Wells. Produced by Deborah Lake Fortson.
4:30 PM on Wed 3/16
7 PM on Thurs 3/17
6 PM on Fri 3/18, Sun 3/20

Current Events
Channel 9

The Sky This Month: The NH Astronomy Bowl & The signs of Summer, produced by Concord TV.
6:30 PM on Mon 3/14
4:30 PM on Tue 3/15
5:30 PM on Wed 3/16
7:30 PM on Thurs 3/17
8:30 PM on Fri 3/18

GMALL Lectures: The Politics of Nuclear Weapons, Derek Boothby, a former UN Arms Control official, looks at the political climate influencing the nuclear cloud under which we still live. Produced by GNAT-TV.
7 PM on Tue 3/15
2:30 PM on Wed 3/16, Fri 3/18

Member Submissions
Channel 9

unPlanned: Ig Nobels, Marc Abrahams, the creator of the Ig Nobel Prize, sits down with unPlanned to talk about why it's so important to make people laugh ... and think. It's what led him to create the Ig Nobels in the first place, the award that recognizes people who explore the quirkier angles of science (and art, and literature, and peacemaking). The ceremonies have everything from operatic melodies to 8 year old girls who tell old people to shut up (in more polite terms, of course), but all the winners have done something worthy of recognition. In fact, one Ig Nobel winner went on to win a Nobel too. Oh yes, and there was that 1 minute wedding. Produced by Sam Seidel.
5:30 PM on Mon 3/14
2 PM on Wed 3/16, Fri 3/18

unPlanned: Craig Kelley and Julia Hansen, unPlanned sits down with two returning guests, Craig Kelley and Julia Hansen, to discuss what they see as emerging trends for 2022. Craig focuses on micro-mobility while Julia looks at all the stuff we're accumulating courtesy of online shopping with its easy delivery. Meanwhile, we at unPlanned talk about public art and what it means to our souls. It's a fun look at the upcoming year (even though we're already in March). Produced by Sam Seidel.
1 PM on Tue 3/15
8 PM on Thurs 3/17
4 PM on Fri 3/18

Tune in to Channel 9 from Saturday to Sunday and watch our Women's History Month programming during our weekend marathon! Saturday 3/19 from 12 PM-Midnight & Sunday 3/20 from 12-4 PM on CCTV Channel 9.