Posted by juliepan on Jul 13, 2011.

SMI Week 1

Week one is down, five more weeks to go. This is the first time SMI has been away from CCTV, even though it is a little difficult everything went well considering we are away from CCTV. In the beginning we were having a little trouble moving our equipments from place to place, however we are solving the problem. During the first week we did a lot of icebreaker activities to get to know each other. We did camera training and then a camera scavenger hunt on day one. We gave a brief explanation of the three projects that the students will be doing during their time in SMI. After that, we officially introduced the first project to students. Before we let the students begin their first project we did a few workshops with them, such as story structure workshop, storyboarding and shot list workshop, and a visual storytelling workshop. We ended our first week with a pitch session from student’s group for their first project. During week 2, the students will be able to go out and start filming their first group project!