CCTV Programming Sep 13 - Sep 19

CCTV Programming Sep 13 - Sep 19

What's new to CCTV? A List of Programs to Check Out This Week!

  • Posted on: 13 September 2021
  • By: Alfonso

All About the Arts
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SPACE NEEDLE: The Animated Life of Bugzee Lix, Bugzee Lix is an Indie American rap artist loved internationally for his rap albums. In 2019 an artist from Manchester, UK did a freestyle rap on the internet titled Bugzee Lix which received over 100,000 views which inspired Bugzee to be part of this animated film about his early life as a rapper growing up in the gang infested areas of Bremerton, Seattle, and Bellingham, WA from 1995 - 2003. Produced by Eddie Laners III.
7:30 PM on Mon 9/13, Thurs 9/16
1:30 PM on Tue 9/14
2 PM on Wed 9/15
3 PM on Fri 9/17

Mohamad Ojjeh: Lakeville’s Wildlife Photographer, Follow one of Lakeville’s most popular photographers, Mohamad Ojjeh, as he sets out to capture images of Lakeville’s natural beauty and diverse wildlife. Produced by LakeCAM.
5:30 PM on Mon 9/13
3:30 PM on Tue 9/14
1:30 PM on Wed 9/15
7 PM on Thurs 9/16
4 PM on Fri 9/17

Juno Singles: Nimble Arts, Suite for an Imaginary Country, now, Juno has collaborated with Nimble Arts, who has created acrobatic responses to each new composition. In this episode, we feature Nimble Artist, Serenity Forchion-Smith. Produced by BCTV.
6:30 PM on Mon 9/13
1 PM on Tue 9/14, Thurs 9/16
3 PM on Wed 9/15
4:30 PM on Fri 9/17

Carolyn’s Psychic Playroom: Marisol Ybarra, this month's guest is energy healer, curandera and business consultant Marisol Ybarra. In this interview, Marisol offers tips for overcoming blocks to creativity and shares the story of how she got started as a healer. Follow Marisol on Instagram @chingonawellness.
1 PM on Mon 9/13
7 PM on Tue 9/14
2:30 PM on Thurs 9/16
6 PM on Fri 9/17

All About Social Issues
Tune in on Channel 9

In Correspondence with Eric Protein Moseley, follow Eric Protein Moseley from LA to Texas and beyond, as he gathers the most compelling stories from those who either live on or have connections to the hardcore streets. Produced by Eric Moseley.
2:30 PM on Mon 9/13, Tue 9/14
4:30 PM on Wed 9/15
1:30 PM on Thurs 9/16
5 PM on Fri 9/17

This is America & the World: Central and South Asia, Pakistan and Afghanistan, prior to the recent events in Afghanistan, and while concluding his time at an international conference in Uzbekistan, devoted to Central and South Asia, Dennis Wholey spoke with two guests who offer their unique perspectives on Pakistan and Afghanistan. Produced by This is America and the World.
2 PM on Mon 9/13, Thurs 9/16
3 PM on Tue 9/14
1 PM on Wed 9/15
5:30 PM on Fri 9/17

Tune in to Channel 9 from Friday through Sunday for our Youth Programming weekend marathon as we start the new school year! Friday 9/17 from 6-9 PM, Saturday 9/18 from 12 PM-Midnight & Sunday 9/19 from 12-4 PM on CCTV Channel 9.