Member Challenge Update: The Time is Now!

Member Challenge Update: The Time is Now!

  • Posted on: 24 May 2011
  • By: Clodagh

It's hard to believe-- there are only 37 days until we move into CCTV's new home! Although the Membership Challenge will continue through the end of the year, we are working to increase our fundraising over the next month and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Over the past two months, the Membership Challenge has raised $10,640 for CCTV's new home, which is a terrific start! However, we can do much better! Right now, less than half of the Members who are participating in the Challenge have begun raising money-- Its time for everyone to begin collecting donations in support of our new facility. If each person who has accepted the Challenge is able to collect $1000, we will have raised close to $30,000 for our new home!

Please help us reach this goal by starting to collection donations TODAY for the Membership Challenge. If you have not signed up for the Challenge and would like to, contact Clodagh at or 617 661 6900.

The first person to collect $500 between now and June 1st will receive a gift certificate for dinner for two at the Middle East Restaurant! The Middle East Restaurant has already made a $500 donation to the Campaign.

Thank you for your support of CCTV! More information about CCTV's new facility and Capital Campaign can be found at