CCTV Programming Mar 29 - Apr 4

CCTV Programming Mar 29 - Apr 4

What's new to CCTV? A List of Programs to Check Out This Week!

  • Posted on: 29 March 2021
  • By: Alfonso

Programming by CCTV Members
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Carolyn Psychic’s Playroom: Al Cunningham, Al Cunningham is a non-het writer/producer, ourstorian, communitarian, sexual health advocate and aspiring digital nomad. In this episode, he talks about ancestors, family and the challenge of writing his new memoir Prince of Bronzeville: A Charmed Life. Produced by Carolyn Wilkins.
1 PM on Mon 3/29, Wed 3/31
7 PM on Tue 3/30, Thurs 4/1
5:30 PM on Fri 4/2

unPlanned: Betsy Cowan Neptune, with widespread vaccine distribution at the one-year anniversary of the Covid shutdown in the United States, there is hope that the light we see at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train but is in fact the end of the tunnel. There are still many concerns as cities and towns work to restart their economies in the wake of the economic devastation that Covid wrought. unPlanned talks with Betsy Cowan Neptune of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council about economic recovery in the Boston region and some of the strategies she and her team have outlined in their recent Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). CEDS was in process one year ago when Covid hit, and the pandemic required a complete rethink of what economic development looks like under the realities of a pandemic. Betsy tells us all about it. Produced by Sam Seidel.
5:30 PM on Mon 3/29
6:30 PM on Tue 3/30
3:30 PM on Wed 3/31, Thurs 4/1
2:30 PM on Fri 4/2

Cambridge Commission for Persons with Disabilities, a monthly meeting produced by Phil Kongtcheu and I, Bachelier.
4 PM on Mon 3/29
5 PM on Tue 3/30
2 PM on Wed 3/31
6:30 PM on Fri 4/2

All About the Vaccine
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Black Cambridge & COVID-19: Get The FAQs About The Vaccine, Join hosts Cambridge School Committee Vice-Chair Manikka Bowman and Former Mayor & City Councilor Denise Simmons for an important conversation about the COVID vaccine. They will be joined by Dr. Michelle Holmes of Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Dr. Alisa Khan of Boston Children's Hospital and Tracy Rose-Tynes, Associate Chief, Clinical Services at the Cambridge Public Health Department. The series engages a cross-sector of Black leaders in the City of Cambridge, the state of COVID-19, and how the Black community survives the pandemic. Produced by CCTV.
6 PM on Mon 3/29
2 PM on Tue 3/30, Thurs 4/1
4 PM on Wed 3/31
1 PM on Fri 4/2

Addressing Hesitancy Among Communities of Color: The Covid-19 Vaccine, please join Mayor Sumbul Siddiqui and Chief Public Health officer Claude Jacob for a discussion about the COVID-19 vaccine. Produced by the City of Cambridge.
7:30 PM on Mon 3/29
3:30 PM on Tue 3/30
6:30 PM on Wed 3/31
3 PM on Fri 4/2

Questions and Answers from Doctors about COVID and the Vaccines, with all that scientists, doctors & even the average person now know about COVID-19, questions & concern persist for many of us. In this roundtable talk, an ER Doctor & an Infectious Disease Specialist discuss the virus, vaccines & answer questions. Produced by New Bedford Cable Access.
2 PM on Mon 3/29
1 PM on Tue 3/30
5:30 PM on Wed 3/31
8 PM on Thurs 4/1
4:30 PM on Fri 4/2

Other Programming
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Senator Ed Markey Live Stream: On $7 Billion for Distance Learning, produced by the Office of Senator Ed Markey.
8 PM on Wed 3/31, Fri 4/2
1 PM on Thurs 4/1
12 PM on Sun 4/4

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