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10 New Arts Projects Coming To Cambridge’s Port Neighborhood

10 New Arts Projects Coming To Cambridge’s Port Neighborhood

The winning projects range from a mural celebrating scientists of color and a teen film festival to hip hop performances & free tap classes.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on everyone in our city, and artists and arts organizations have been especially hard hit. So it is exciting to be able to share a number of arts grants recently awarded.

The City of Cambridge had been planning a major increase to its funding for the arts, and we’re especially pleased at this time to be able to share this increase with the community as artists and creative organizations are facing crises from shut downs to prevent the spread of coronavirus,

Cambridge Arts Executive Director Jason Weeks said.

The ten new arts projects are coming to Cambridge’s Port neighborhood with $90,000 in funding from Cambridge Arts and the City of Cambridge’s Port Neighborhood Grants. Each cultural project is funded at $9,000 from Percent-for-Art funding tied to the city’s Port Infrastructure Project, which is a multi-year construction project to reduce flooding in the Port Neighborhood.

Project Spotlight: ART±BIO Science Mural/ART±BIO Collaborative
ART±BIO Science Mural will highlight the scientific discoveries, research, and study organisms of a scientist of color, and will be created in collaboration with Port-area youth, and educators, mentored by BIPOC artists and scientists.

According to Stephanie Dowdy-Nava, ART±BIO Collaborative Co-Founder,

We feel honored that we were selected to create a Science Mural in the Port area. ART±BIO Collaborative is an artist- and scientist-led nonprofit organization that fosters the integration of Science, Nature, and Art through novel collaborations, public engagement, education, and research. We began ART±BIO Science Murals as a public art initiative to highlight the research, study organisms, and scientific discoveries of Scientists of Color. We feature dynamic imagery and collaborate with local scientists, artists and members of the community to portray a biological concept that engages the public in science learning and promotes equity through Representation and Accessibility.

She encourages any building owners, educators, artists or scientists who are interested in being part of this project to contact her at sdowdynava@artbiocollaborative.com

Adds Dowdy-Nava,

We believe that artistic and scientific literacy, and access to natural resources and the discoveries, advancements, and creations of the arts and sciences, are universal human rights and are central to creating public art that is equitable and just. It is crucial that our Science Murals be housed in areas that are accessible to communities of color and the Port Neighborhood Grant helps us carry out that mission.

Project Spotlight: The Bridgeside Cypher/Cambridge Hip Hop Collective
The Bridgeside Cypher is a supportive and respectful gathering of artists rapping at the center of a live audience, including a freestyle circle that allows a safe space for people who have never before performed in public, a music video shoot, and a featured performance.

Aaron King, Co-Founder/owner of The Cambridge Hip-Hop Collective commented,

With support from the Port Neighborhood Grant, we plan to host cyphers at different locations around The Port. We hope to collaborate with local residents, community groups and businesses to highlight everything the Port has to offer at our events and in the videos we create.

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View the full list of projects at the Cambridge Arts website.