Posted by Susan on Apr 28, 2011.

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Watch Out for Flying Sparks!

Major work is happening on the big production studio: the ceiling is coming out to give us the double height space for our lighting grid and acoustic treatment, and the floor is being removed to be replaced by a special isolated system that will absorb the sound and vibration from the subway.

Today we had a visit from Charlie McDermott, Jay Paget and Christina Farrell from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, joined by Jason Weeks from the Cambridge Arts Council and photographer (and Arts Council member) Phyllis Breitholz. CCTV member and artist Siobhan Bredin provided the members' point of view as we all dodged the falling debris.

Mark your calendars for a special community Hard Hat Tour on May 19 from 5-7 PM, hosted by MIT and the Red Ribbon Commission on the Delights and Concerns of Central Square!