CCTV Programming Dec 21 - Dec 27

CCTV Programming Dec 21 - Dec 27

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  • Posted on: 21 December 2020
  • By: Alfonso

Holiday Programming
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Brian and the Magic Christmas Elf's Christmas Music Spectacular! A Christmas music and variety show, with jazz arrangements of Christmas songs, some bluegrass versions of Christmas songs, some skits, some memories, and some original songs. Jolly Good Fun! Produced by Dedham TV.
4 PM on Mon 12/21
1 PM on Tue 12/22
5 PM on Wed 12/23, Fri 12/25
3 PM on Thurs 12/24
2 PM on Sun 12/27

Holiday Mental Health, host, Suzanne Gallagher, and Guest, Douglas Brooks from Community Counseling and Mediation discuss mental health through the holidays and where to reach out for help. Produced by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
6 PM on Wed 12/23
7 PM on Thurs 12/24
1 PM on Fri 12/25
5:30 PM on Sun 12/27

December MT: Out Of The Blue for 2020, December's Out of the Blue features Dr. Reed Thomas and the MTSU Wind Ensemble playing two holiday favorites, and Coach Nick McDevitt of MTSU Men's Basketball reads "The Night Before Christmas" to children at MTSU's Homer Pittard Campus School. Produced by Education Resource Channel.
2 PM on Mon 12/21, Tue 12/22
6:30 PM on Wed 12/23
8:30 PM on Thurs 12/24
4 PM on Fri 12/25

Santa Story Time - Poultney Public Library, Join Rebecca Cook and Racheal Paquette, of the Poultney Public Library, for a special Santa Story Time. Produced by GNAT-TV.
2:30 PM on Mon 12/21, Tue 12/22
7:30 PM on Wed 12/23
2:10 PM on Thurs 12/24
8 PM on Fri 12/25

Christmas Revels 2020, the Christmas Revels has been one of the Upper Valley's most popular holiday traditions since 1975. This is 2019's performance at the Lebanon Opera House and the short film "All Shall Be Well Again" with the No Strings Marionette Company of Randolph, Vt. Produced by CATV.
7 PM on Tue 12/22
1 PM on Wed 12/23
6 PM on Fri 12/25
12 PM on Sun 12/27

COVID-19 Programming
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The Homeless Coronavirus Outreach, a father and daughter team up to educate the homeless about The Coronavirus. To their understanding, 5 out of 10 homeless were unaware of Covid-19. Produced by Eric Moseley.
1 PM on Mon 12/21
3:30 PM on Tue 12/22
4:10 PM on Wed 12/23
7:30 PM on Thurs 12/24
1:30 PM on Fri 12/25
11:30 AM on Sun 12/27

Covid Conversations, Public Health Director, David Mason, talks with a 25 year old woman who has had COVID and experienced lingering impact. Produced by Sandwich Community Television.
8 PM on Wed 8/23, Thurs 12/24
3:10 PM on Fri 12/25

Ep 82 - Science360: Dispatches from the Cutting Edge, In this episode: Searching for the Cosmic Microwave Background at the South Pole Telescope, Studying Climate Change Through Surfing, Taming electrons with parts from bacteria, Earth Scope Chronicles, Methane Seep Ecosystems and more! Produced by the National Science Foundation.
1:30 PM on Mon 12/21
3 PM on Tue 12/22
7 PM on Wed 12/23
2:30 PM on Thurs 12/24
3:30 PM on Fri 12/25

Black History Programming
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Black Futures Matter: A Celebration of History and Culture, an event that includes original dance by Cha Cha Epps, spoken word by Ashley-Rose Salomon, and song and piano by Nedelka Prescott and Vaughn Francis. The program focuses on the resilience of Black communities in Cambridge. The event takes place at St. Augustine's church, a building with deep roots in Cambridgeport’s Black history. We're inaugurating a revitalization program at St. Augustines through the nonprofit, Black History in Action. This will be the first of a series of events meant to educate and engage the general public about the enduring Black presence in Cambridge. Produced by Kris Manjapra.
7:30 PM on Mon 12/21
3 PM on Wed 12/23
1 PM on Thurs 12/24
2 PM on Fri 12/25
10 AM on Sun 12/27

Tune in to Channel 9 from Friday through Sunday and watch a variety of HOLIDAY PROGRAMS for a weekend marathon! Friday 12/25 from 6-9 PM, Saturday 12/26 from 12 PM-Midnight & Sunday 12/27 from 12-4 PM on CCTV Channel 9.