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Time Trade Circle

Time Trade Circle

The Cambridge Time Trade Circle is up and running.

The concept of "time banking" was developed in the early 1980s when Edgar Cahn, a prominent lawyer and social activist, came up with an economic strategy for social change, "Time Banking" in which services were offered and received in exchange for "Time Dollars."

In Cambridge the Time Trade Circle now has about 150 members and is looking to increase it's size. "The bigger it gets the better it gets," says member and volunteer Carol Moses.

On offer this week on the group's website are Knitting/Tatting Lessons, Amateur Snow Shoveling, Disaster Preparedness Planning, Furniture Assembly and Ice Skating Lessons.

Some members requested Power Yoga Lessons, TV Box Installation Help, Tax Help and Employment.

To join, simply log on to the website http://timetradecircle.org/ and follow instructions. All new members are asked to attend a short orientation before their account is activated.

For more information go to http://timetradecircle.org/ or email Louisa Rosenheck

Stay tuned for an interview with founder Katherine Ellin and other Time Trade Circle members.