COVID-19 & Social Justice Programming July 20 - July 26

COVID-19 & Social Justice Programming July 20 - July 26

What's new to CCTV? A List of Programs to Check Out This Week.

  • Posted on: 20 July 2020
  • By: Alfonso

COVID-19 Programming
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The News Project: In Studio – Climate Change In A Pandemic, We discuss the confluence of the coronavirus pandemic, climate change and economics with Edward Cameron, a Manchester resident and one of the world’s foremost consultants on climate change. Produced by GNAT-TV.
4 PM on Mon 7/20
1:30 PM on Tue 7/21
4:30 PM on Wed 7/22
8:20 PM on Thurs 7/23
7 PM on Sun 7/26

Six Feet Apart Open Mic, featuring different artists from different places. Produced by Fall River Community Media.
7:30 PM on Mon 7/20
7 PM on Tue 7/21
1 PM on Thurs 7/23
5 PM on Fri 7/24
6 PM on Sun 7/26

Healthy Living in a COVID-19 World, presentation by Dr. Alfred Davis - Davis Integrated Medicine, Montclair NJ. Produced by Montclair TV34.
1 PM on Mon 7/20, Wed 7/22, Fri 7/24
7:45 PM on Tue 7/21
7:30 PM on Thurs 7/23

A Princeton Propeller: Telemedicine Innovations Unleashed by COVID-19, a Princeton Propeller presentation with four physicians discussing telemedicine innovations in the age of COVID-19. Produced by Princeton Community TV.
2 PM on Tue 7/21, Thurs 7/23
5:30 PM on Wed 7/22

Social Justice Programming
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Public Roundtable: Racial and Social Justice in America, in the wake of recent civil unrest, the ongoing tragedies of racial injustice, and the need for police reform, we held a virtual Public Roundtable to discuss race relations and actions that can be taken to help solve social injustice and inequality. Produced by Midpeninsula Community Media Center.
4:30 PM on Mon 7/20
2 PM on Wed 7/22, Fri 7/24

LTC News, on this edition: stories of racism, Juneteenth celebrations, an interview with the new health department head, speaking with restaurant owners, and a conversation with the city manager.
1 PM on Tue 7/21
8 PM on Wed 7/22
3:15 PM on Thurs 7/23
5:30 PM on Sun 7/26

unPlanned, in this time of nationwide protest and change in the wake of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer, unPlanned is joined by urban planner Wendell Joseph of Sasaki to talk about the issues of race and cultural biases in cities and in planning. Planners need to bring their expertise to address complex problems, he says, but they also need to be moved by the voices of the communities in which they work. He points out that for some communities, lack of resources means there’s little capacity to imagine what the world will look like tomorrow, never mind 10 years from now. For other communities, imagining what their town will look like in 50 years is normal. "The capacity to think about the possibility of the future is a function of privilege.” This disparity is inequitable, and it's part of a planner's job to address it. Produced by Sam Seidel.
7 PM on Mon 7/20, Thurs 7/23
8:35 PM on Tue 7/21
5 PM on Wed 7/22
9 PM on Sun 7/26

Using Social Media for Activism, activists are increasingly using the power of social media to raise awareness about particular issues and to raise funding for their causes. In this workshop, we explore several case studies of effective social media campaigns employed by activists and discuss the future trends in social media activism. Produced by CCTV.
2 PM on Mon 7/20
3:10 PM on Tue 7/21
7 PM on Wed 7/22
7:30 PM on Sun 7/26

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