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The Kamla Show

The Kamla Show (TKS) is a lively weekly show from San Francisco bay area. Tune in each week for one-on-one interviews and conversations with entrepreneurs, writers, filmmakers and newsmakers from the San Francisco bay area.

Guests featured on the show include Mother Dolores Hart, Eddie Redmayne, John Turturro, Damien Chazelle, Kumar Malavalli and others.

Every week you will meet interesting guests, who share their story like Kumar Malavalli, cofounder of Brocade Communications, who became a first time entrepreneur in his 50s and went on to co-found a successful Silicon Valley startup that became a market leader in its space. Meet mom-turned entrepreneur Sukhi Singh, who started “Sukhis” a South Asian gourmet company from her kitchen with a blender. Listen to the story of Mother Dolores Hart, a former Hollywood actor, who gave it all up to become a nun. Or, meet Leela Rai, who shares her fascinating family story as a 3rd generation Punjabi-Mexican-American and is part of a vibrant farming community in Northern California.

Date and Time: 
Sunday, August 2, 2020 - 10:30am
Kamla Bhatt
28.42 minutes