Quarantine Blues #2

Quarantine Blues #2

An ongoing series of journal entries about the perils of not being safe during a pandemic

  • Posted on: 30 June 2020
  • By: bevmire

I had one of those moments we never want to go through last Friday when I watched an elderly friend as she was lifted into an ambulance (spoiler alert: she’s fine and was home within hours). Three of us watched helplessly as the ambulance pulled away because no one was allowed to go with her. COVID, you know. And worse for us, she’s too old to have ever wanted a cell phone.

Now this happens a lot these days, I know, but this was happening to me and I’m here to tell you that seeing someone close to you being driven away by strangers, however competent, in June of 2020 is the definition of helpless.

I want to be clear that the whole thing wasn’t COVID related, but she was going into a petri dish and at that moment we had no idea how long she’d be there. We were cut off from her completely and despite the hospital’s best efforts there was no way we were going to be able to know and/or control what was happening to her.

It was all of our nightmares.

As I said, my friend was home within hours. She even had a COVID test and was negative at the time they took it.

I’m writing this because I’m one of many people who have watched loved ones get into ambulances and couldn’t get in with them. I’m a lucky one. My friend is home and safe. Many people never see their loved ones ever again.

I’m also writing this to ask--no! tell--you not to be the reason anyone has to go through what we went through. Put on a mask. Wash your hands.

I was lucky. You may not be.