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Public Art Tour Maps 7 and 8: Central Square Area

The Central Square area has over twenty pieces of public art, including buildings, parks and sculptures, so it was hard to choose which to feature. But, ultimately, I went with my favorite mural in the whole city – “Crosswinds” by Daniel Galvez. This 24' x 41’ piece covers the entire side wall of the Middle East Restaurant on the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Brookline Street. The artist created the mural in collaboration with local residents and the people depicted are a mixture of real Cantabrigians and imaginary ones. Some of the images are based on photographs by local photographer, Jeff Dunn. This mural captures the liveliness, diversity and quirkiness of our city and I had a great time filming it!

This is just one of the many public art installations on Maps 7 and 8, so now that the days are getting longer and the snow banks are melting, grab the detailed maps and art information from the Cambridge Arts Council website and head on over to explore for yourself! Cambridge Arts Council Public Art Neighborhood Tours
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