The Coming Transformation of Education Systems World-wide

The Coming Transformation of Education Systems World-wide

The world's students, their parents and whole school systems are being transformed by COVID-19 into vast systems of thought control.

  • Posted on: 24 May 2020
  • By: CCRA

This program (EV&N # 346) was recorded on 22 May 2020 and broadcast on Cambridge Community Television - Channel 9 at 4:30 on 24 May 2020.

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The world’s students, their parents and entire school systems are being transformed by the response of global hi-tech education companies to the COVID-19 crisis into vast systems of information delivery, mass indoctrination and thought control.

What Noam Chomsky famously called, the "range of thinkable thought" has been narrowly constrained by those who "frame" the issues for public discussion and control the mechanisms of information flow over the internet around the world.

As the effective flow of diverse voices becomes radically restricted the fundamental premise of independent inquiry and free debate is being crushed out of the the age-old tradition of liberal arts education around the world.

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