The Balancing Act: A Workshop & Discussion for Moms

Sat, 02/12/2011 -
10:00 to 23:30

For moms with children 0 to 8 years --
The opportunities and dilemmas of parenting are so powerful. The ever-present challenge for moms is trying to make it all fit. Making decisions about how to find the right balance with all your responsibilities at home, work and elsewhere can feel almost impossible at times, and creates a great deal of stress. You also have to juggle a wide variety of needs including caretaking, partnering, and most often neglected, self-care needs. This workshop will help you focus on what is most important, and teach you ways to feel secure about your choices. This will be presented by Suzan Wolpow, an experienced psychotherapist who specializes in life issues for mothers. Childcare available upon request. ***You must register for this program. Call or e-mail Christine Doucet at 616-349-3003 or


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