TV Highlights & COVID-19 Programming May 18- May 24

TV Highlights & COVID-19 Programming May 18- May 24

What's new to CCTV? A List of Programs to Check Out This Week.

  • Posted on: 18 May 2020
  • By: Alfonso

COVID-19 Programming
Channel 9

Pandemic Profiles: Patty Gibbons MD, the current segment, "Pandemic Profiles", showcases people from all walks of life who share their practical coping strategies as well as expressing a range of emotions -- frustration, joy, love and much more. Produced by CCTV.
8:30 PM on Mon 5/18
11 AM on Tue 5/19, Wed 5/20, Thurs 5/21
7:30 PM on Fri 5/22

COVID Diaries: Matt Scinto, produced by Sandwich Community Television.
2 PM on Mon 5/18
8 PM on Tue 5/19
7:30 PM on Wed 5/20
8:30 PM on Thurs 5/21

Governor Baker COVID-19 Update: May 18th, 2020, Governor Baker, Lieutenant Governor Polito, and Secretary of Health and Human Services, Marylou Sudders, gave an update on the COVID-19 virus and response in Massachusetts. Baker announced a “safer at home” advisory as part of the phased reopening of the State. The advisory asks residents to only leave their homes for health care, worship, permitted work, shopping, or outdoor activities. Secretary of Housing and Economic Development, Mike Kennealy, also spoke. Video courtesy WCVB-5 . Produced by the Massachusetts House of Representatives.
7:30 PM on Tue 5/19

Call to Action COVID-19: The Animal World, with Jean Shafiroff, Ambassador of the American Humane Society. Do we need to worry about our pets now that a few animals have tested positive for the Coronavirus? Produced by BCTV.
2:25 PM on Mon 5/18
8:25 PM on Tue 5/19
8 PM on Wed 5/20, Thurs 5/21
4 PM on Fri 5/22

WFH: Senior Content Coordinator, in this episode, Bianca talks about the changes in the music industry and the importance of in-person creative meetings and brainstorming, how LA is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, and how she's utilizing her time under quarantine. Produced by Alfonso Mateo.
2:40 PM on Mon 5/18
8:40 PM on Tue 5/19
2:45 PM on Wed 5/20
1:45 PM on Thurs 5/21
3:45 PM on Fri 5/22
9:30 PM on Sun 5/24

Legal Aid Services Forum, Duxbury/Pembroke State Rep. Josh Cutler hosts a regional forum with legal professionals for those seeking advice during the COVID-19 pandemic. Produced by PACTV Plymouth.
5 PM on Mon 5/18
5:30 PM on Wed 5/20
1 PM on Fri 5/22

The Impact of Lens Usage, this tutorial will go over the different ways you can use lenses and the impact they have on how you experience media. Presented by CCTV.
7 PM on Mon 5/18
5 PM on Fri 5/22

Intro to WordPress, presented by CCTV.
3 PM on Wed 5/20
5 PM on Sun 5/24

Digital Storytelling: Pre Production, presented by CCTV.
7:35 PM on Mon 5/18
3 PM on Tue 5/19, Thurs 5/21
6:35 PM on Wed 5/20
8 PM on Sun 5/24

Vermont Maple Industry E-Meeting, Rep. Peter Welch held an e-meeting with maple producers to discuss the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on the maple industry. Welch joined by audio-only. Produced by GMATV.
1 PM on Tue 5/19, Thurs 5/21
2 PM on Wed 5/20
3 PM on Fri 5/22
6 PM on Sun 5/24

Mental Health Amid the Pandemic, State Rep. Kathy LaNatra hosts a forum on mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic, featuring mental health specialists. Produced by PACTV Plymouth.
2 PM on Tue 5/19, Thurs 5/21
1 PM on Wed 5/20
2:05 PM on Fri 5/22
7 PM on Sun 5/24

Tune in to Channel 9 from Friday through Sunday for a Weekend Marathon! Watch more COVID-19 related programs! Friday 5/22 from 6-9 PM, Saturday 5/23 from 12 PM-Midnight & Sunday 5/24 from 12-4 PM on CCTV Channel 9.