TV Highlights & COVID-19 Programming May 4- May 10

TV Highlights & COVID-19 Programming May 4- May 10

What's new to CCTV? A List of Programs to Check Out This Week.

  • Posted on: 4 May 2020
  • By: Alfonso

COVID-19 Programming
Channel 9

Mental Health & City Resources
3:10 PM on Tue 5/5
1 PM on Wed 5/6
6 PM on Fri 5/8

Massachusetts House of Representatives Formal Session May 4th
6:15 PM on Wed 5/6

Mental Health Amid the Pandemic, State Rep. Kathy LaNatra hosts a regional forum on mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic, featuring mental health specialists from BID-Plymouth, South Shore Resource & Advocacy Center & Plymouth County Suicide Prevention Coalition. Produced by PACTV Plymouth.
2 PM on Mon 5/4, Tue 5/5
3 PM on Wed 5/6, Thurs 5/7, Fri 5/8
5:30 PM on Sun 5/10

WFH: Fashion Coordinator Freelancer, in this episode, we discuss freelancing and other changes in the fashion industry in New York City, the pros and cons of working from home, NYC being the epicenter of COVID-19, and our hopes for the new normal. Produced by Alfonso Mateo.
6 PM on Wed 5/6
11:40 AM on Thurs 5/7
7 PM on Sun 5/10

Call to Action: COVID-19 Food Supplies, with Mike Duffy, CEO, C&S Wholesale Grocers. How does our food get to the shelves? When people panic buy how long does it take to replenish and what protocols has C&S put into place so that our supply chain keeps running smoothly. Produced by BCTV.
3 PM on Mon 5/4
8 PM on Tue 5/5
7:10 PM on Wed 5/6
2:35 PM on Thurs 5/7, Fri 5/8

Hunkering Down Ep. 2, a timely collection of short home-videos reflecting life during the COVID-19 epidemic in the greater Belmont, MA area. A project of Belmont Media Center.
5 PM on Mon 5/4, Fri 5/8, Sun 5/10
8 PM on Thurs 5/7

BSU Presents: Thank YOU Superwomen and Supermen, we are all stuck, we are all in an unpredictable scary situation. We are all in some way being impacted by the Coronavirus and have had to adapt our lives to it. The separation from friends and families, the closure of stores and schools, the fear we all hold for our families' health and our own and the responsibility to be a student in the middle of this all. This month has been overwhelming and confusing for many of us. But even in the midst of the panic, there are still those who have been exposed every day to this virus in the process of taking care of us. They have provided food for students and have helped keep our community clean. We have seen you all step for us every day in school and even now out of school you have continued to care for us. There may not be a graduation, a spring season, a nest fest, a prom or the last couple months of the school year to be with one another but we are forever grateful for what you are and have done for us. You are our very own supermen and superwoman. We know it’s scary out there and we can’t thank you enough, so this video is our social distant way of saying, “Thank You and Be Safe” Produced by Mattingly Wood.
3:15 PM on Mon 5/4
8:20 PM on Tue 5/5
5 PM on Wed 5/6
11 AM on Thurs 5/7

What is Streaming Media? In this week’s mini lesson, Brad and Beth will be talking about how to stream media. Produced by CCTV.
3:30 PM on Mon 5/4
4:30 PM on Wed 5/6
11:15 AM on Thurs 5/7
4 PM on Fri 5/8
6:30 PM on Sun 5/10

Cambridge Conversations: Beth Walsh, the current segment, "Pandemic Profiles", showcases people from all walks of life who share their practical coping strategies as well as expressing a range of emotions -- frustration, joy, love and much more. Produced by CCTV.
6 PM on Mon 5/4
8 PM on Wed 5/6
1 PM on Thurs 5/7, Fri 5/8

There’s a Book for That: An Online Bibliotherapy Event, maybe you’ve always turned to books in times of trouble, or perhaps you’re learning the hard way that a global pandemic is bringing to light troubles you didn’t even know you had (who knew your spouse used so much jargon on conference calls?). Trusted bibliotherapist Ella Berthoud has the unique ability to recommend the perfect book for many of life’s most unexpected predicaments. During this lively online event, Ella, co-author of The Novel Cure: From Abandonment to Zestlessness: 751 Books to Cure What Ails You, will join us to “prescribe” books based on attendees’ situations or questions; register in advance to submit your story to Ella ahead of time, and maybe you, too, will discover that books are the best medicine! Bartender and bookseller Nick Petrulakis will start the evening off with a different sort of tonic—he’ll demonstrate how to make a literary-themed cocktail using ingredients you probably already have in your pantry or fridge! Presented by Cambridge Community Television on Facebook Live.
7:30 PM on Mon 5/4
1 PM on Tue 5/5
2 PM on Wed 5/6
1:35 PM on Thurs 5/7, Fri 5/8

Middlesex Update with Ryan, in the latest Middlesex Update with District Attorney Marian Ryan, Marian informs us how the courts are proceeding during the Covid-19 lockdown, how to avoid telemarketing scams, and what Middlesex County residents can do to ensure safety for people who are at risk for abuse. Produced by Belmont Media Center.
8:30 PM on Mon 5/4
8:40 PM on Tue 5/5
7:30 PM on Wed 5/6

New Kids Block
Channel 8

Coronavirus Book for Children
Science Club for Girls: Water Cycle
Music with Lizza Ep.4

Tune in to Channel 9 from Friday through Sunday for a Weekend Marathon! Watch more COVID-19 related programs! Friday 5/8 from 6-9 PM, Saturday 5/9 from 12 PM-Midnight & Sunday 5/10 from 12-4 PM on CCTV Channel 9.