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Explore Cambridge Women's Heritage

Explore Cambridge Women's Heritage

With everything happening now, it can be hard to remember that March is Women's History Month and there is lots to explore in Cambridge.

March is U.S. Women’s History Month and there are many notable women and organizations to celebrate in Cambridge, from Maria Baldwin, the first African American woman school principal in Massachusetts, to the feminist group that organized the occupation of a Harvard owned building that led to the founding of the Cambridge Women's Center. Since 1996, the Cambridge Women’s Heritage Project (CWHP), jointly sponsored by the Cambridge Women's Commission and the Cambridge Historical Commission, has been researching, updating, maintaining a database of women and women's organizations to recognize and celebrate the contributions of women from the early days of Cambridge to the present.

With schools closed and those who are able to working from home, now is a good time to explore the Cambridge Women's Heritage Walks, either on the Yonward app (on Apple devices only - search for Cambridge Women's Heritage Walk) or using the PDF versions (available on all devices). The maps cover four neighborhoods, and each starts at City Hall.

Since the Heritage walk was created, there is a new landmark honoring two African-American Cambridge women who worked for gender and racial equity; Harriet A. Jacobs and Gertrude Wright Morgan. July 2019 story about the street renaming unveiling ceremony. And plans are underway to create public art on Cambridge Common dedicated to the ongoing story of Women's Suffrage in Cambridge.

So grab the kids, or go on your own, and take the opportunity to learn more about sheroes of our fair city.