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Only God Can Heal Us From Covid-19 Or Coronavirus

Only God Can Heal Us From Covid-19 Or Coronavirus

God is ready to heal us as we draw closer back to Him, and repent of our sins. He is of great compassionand merciful.

Only God Can Heal Us From
Covid-19 Or Coronavirus

If there was ever a time to draw closer to God, it is now in this turbulent and uncertain times of global disease threatening the world. Already, we are plunging closer and closer to Third World Nuclear World War. Our leaders do not have insight or wisdom to comprehend these things. The Scripture warns:

“Where the people have no vision, they perish.”

Have you ever wondered why our world is so chaotic, turbulent and so confused? When you read the history of the world, you will see the rise and fall of empires. Before their fall, they have often preceded: chaos, confusion, turbulence emanating from sin, wickedness, disobedience to God’s laws and principles. God always warning and reminding humans sin has consequences: but the warnings are often ignored. This is because: “The eyes of the Lord run to and fro beholding the wickedness of men.” We continue to do our own thing, and not listening to God.

We are at that point of time of disobedience to God in the history of the world. It is the passing of American empire to Chinese empire. We have gone from African empires, Persia, Babylonian empire, Judah, Greek, Roman, British, Russia, and American empire. All these empires where destroyed by sin and wickedness. It is already predicted in the Scriptures: the vision God laid out for humanity to follow which has been ignored. That:

“Kingdoms will rise and fall, until God comes to set His everlasting kingdom.”

When empires are crumbling, it is associated with sin and wickedness. There is so much sin, wickedness today that has moved the hand of God to judgement, unless we repent of our sins. Even right now in China where this virus started, millions of Muslins are in concentration camps being tortured and killed. In America, everyone lives the way they want, not caring about the truth of God and His will. Those who claim to know the Lord-the Evangelicals and the Conservatives are the ones destroying the truth; the Catholic church has destroyed thousands of children all over the world sexually; the Anglican and Methodist have been involved in sexual misconduct. Individual Christians are not living to glorify God either. These are people called to represent God on earth, and claim they are God’s servants.

The Congress has made a mockery of the truth. The Conservatives have made a mockery of the truth; the democratic campaigns were locked up in who will further their financial greed: and carefully took out all black campaigners: and those who should rule. For both parties, it is party affiliations. Year in and year out, nothing happens in Congress. The people’s problems are not solved: no gun control that kills thousands of Americans every year because of NRA who funds the politicians; no affordable healthcare for Americans, especially for the poor; no immigration reform, inequality, climate change, etc. Nothing gets done in American Congress.

It is the same everywhere oppressive regimes across nations of the world: whether it is Western nations, or Third world nations, resulting in people fleeing their countries for a better life. Millions are killed in wars and refugees rambling all over the world. These things are caused by ruthless and wicked leaders who have no wisdom, insight, understanding, vision, and compassion for the people they rule. These things are happening all over the world.

We have incurred the judgement and anger of God. At this point, there is no testing for everybody; there is no medication produced for the virus. Many have already perished all over the world; it expected the virus will kill more people. As everywhere is locked up, it that the way we are going to live the rest of our lives on earth, when we can change the situation?

God is calling us back to repentance. It is a time for everyone to search themselves and repent of their sins, so God’s anger will abate; and He will heal us. It is not the will of God to destroy the sinner. What is going on today is not the will of God, but we have moved His hand in judgement. Jesus said:

“I came that ye may have life, and life abundantly: but the devil came to kill, steal, and destroy. Sin leads to demonic forces to possess humans: It also leads to God’s judgement on us. This is where we are today. God will heal us if we repent. What do we do now to stop the virus?

• Judgement starts first in the house of God. Those of us who claim to know the Lord, search yourself and repent of your sins: whether it be sexual immorality, cheating, lies, love for money and stealing for pastors and ministers, adultery, fornication, child abuser, etc.; go before God and tell Him you are sorry for your sins. God says to the church:

“If my people who ae called by my name will humble themselves, pray, seek my face, turn from their wicked ways. I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land.”

Our lands desperately need healing all over the world. God says at a time like this, if we repent, humble ourselves, seek God a new, turn from our wicked ways; He will hear us, forgive and heal us. There is no human going to help us with this virus. The Scripture says:

“There is no help in man. Woe is the man who puts his or her trust in man, who makes arm his strength. But blessed is the man or woman whose faith and trust is in the Lord.”

The church whom God chose to share the riches of His grace-salvation has failed God. They are the most wicked and corrupt today. But it is not God’s will to destroy the sinner. God says to the believer who claims to know Jesus as Savior: take your hands away from evil of any kind, wickedness of any kind and I will forgive and heal the land. When the church -the people of God obeys, God said I will forgive and heal the land. Then, God will spark spiritual revival in America and the world: as God will unleash His mighty miracles of healing. Those who are sick will be healed: the blind will see, the lame will work, those with cancers or coronavirus or Covid -19, or whatever is your sickness.

* Those who do not know the Lord as Savior, who say there is no God; those who are living in all kinds of wickedness: lies, cheating, killing raping, sexual immorality, homosexuality, stealing, adultery, fornication, and any type of sin that besets you; it is time to go before the Lord. Just kneel and confess your sins and ask Jesus to forgive you. It does not matter whether you are a politician, king, queen, corporate CEO, doctor, lawyer, judge, governor, millionaire or billionaire, ordinary person, it is irrelevant at this crossroads of death in the world. Do it genuinely and be very serious. The Scripture says:

I All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.
Whether you are black or white, Jew or Gentile. Don’t start
arguing you are not a sinner. This is not the time for
argument. We do not have any time to waste anymore.
2 Confess your sins and ask Jesus to forgive you.
3 If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe
in your heart that Jesus died for your sins. You will be saved
from your sins. Your sins will be washed away by the blood
of Jesus.
4 You will receive the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the
Trinity: who gives you power to overcome sin in your life.
5 You will be peptized, a sign of identification with the Lord.

If the people of God will repent of their sins; and those who have never believed repent of their sins; collectively all of us will come together and obey the Lord: and begin a new life of obedience to God’s will and commandments. He will heal us. This will spark a spiritual revival all over the world: Whether it is coronavirus, or Covid-19 will be wiped out forever. There is nothing impossible with God. There is no way we can live our lives locked up inside our homes. That is the will of the devil, not God's will for us.

God is using this situation to remind us human beings we have gone too far in taking His glory; behaving like we are God; living in disobedience and wickedness. He is warning us to repent and He will heal us. There is no human who will heal us at this point of time in the history of the world. There is too much sin and wickedness all over the world: everyone is living and disregarding the commandments and will of God. It is time for a change: and God who is merciful, gracious, of great compassion will heal us. I know this God very well: He is so merciful and deeply moved when we repent of our sins.

Like God who pleaded with Judah before she went into exile, He is pleading with us now: telling us like He told Judah:

“Though your sins be as scarlet
They shall be as white as snow
Though your sins be as scarlet
They shall be as white as snow
Though they be red like crimson
They shall be as wool
Though your sins be as scarlet
Though your sins be as scarlet
They shall be as white as snow
They shall be as white as snow”

You might think my sins are too much, and God can’t pardon me. King Manasseh was one of the worst and most wicked kings before the fall of Judah. He had a godly father who loved God, did the will of God and obeyed His commandments: and led Judah and Jerusalem to love God and obey him. He destroyed all idol worship in the temple other kings did; changed the evil practices of his predecessors. Unlike his father, Manasseh installed idols in the temple, practiced divination, sorcery, witchcraft, enchantments, familiar spirts and wizard: used his sons to pass through the fire, a kind of magical ritual; shed innocent blood. He worshipped hosts of heaven and idol. He did so much evil he led Judah to sin. As a leader, they emulated his evil ways. He angered God so much that God allowed him to be captured to Babylon. In Babylon, he was so tortured, enslaved, and humiliated he cried out to the God of His fathers. The Scripture records:

“And God was moved and brought him back to Jerusalem.”

That is the kind of a living God we have.

King Manasseh restored back all the glory his father did in Judah when God brought him back to Jerusalem. When we repent genuinely, and cry out to God for forgiveness of our sins, no matter what those sins are; God forgives. It is not His will that the sinner should perish. It doesn’t matter what your sins are, He is calling all of us to confess and forsake them, and He will forgive and heal us. The Scripture says:

“Should God mark iniquity, who among us shall stand before him.”

Let us all go before the Lord and start praying; let us all come together black or white, Jew or Gentile and start praying, asking God to forgive us. Miracles will begin to happen: healing, and God’s mercy will wipe away the virus and impending Nuclear World War. The choice is ours to make now not tomorrow: it is a choice of death or life. Let us choose life, not death. Let us humble ourselves and leave our arrogance behind. These are dangerous times in the history of the world. Let us do this right away.


On Change

Change sometimes is so crucial
We must have it
When our lives are threatened
When our future is bleak
When at a cross - road of life and death
When at a dead end
Like now in the world
Like now in America

We must plunge into the challenge
Of God given ability to challenge
Forces that threaten human existence
We must defy the odds
That rise against the challenge
That rise against genuine change
For human existence and progress

We must rise against forces of evil
We must rise against forces of lies
We must rise against forces of diseases
We must rise against wickedness and arrogance
And come back to forces of Truth
That gives us freedom, peace and healing
We must rise against forces of propaganda
We must rise against forces that lead to war
That seeks to plunder and obliterate humanity
That seeks to destroy our beautiful world
What will help us rise and have change?
It is the twin brothers of courage and challenge
Let us have the courage
To rise and challenge
Let us have the courage
To rise and change
To conquer evil nature of war and diseases
Whose core existence is the demonic world