HEALTH-CARE REPEAL: A call back to Conscience in the government

HEALTH-CARE REPEAL: A call back to Conscience in the government

  • Posted on: 20 January 2011
  • By: ucheikpa

When an arm of the government- the Republicans repealed the health-care which 62 percent of Americans favor, then what is left in American democracy is “politics and propaganda.” Congress ceases to be a place where the people’s business is solved: the voice of the people is muzzled- the government of the people, by the people, and for the people is crushed. Then the government becomes despotic where a group of people holds power against the will of the masses.

On December 13, 2010, President Obama signed a bill that extended tax cut for the rich which the Republican insisted on, and President Obama compromised with them. On August 12, 2010, Washington Post Writer reports: “A Republican plan to extend tax cuts for the rich would add more than $36 billion to the federal deficit next year – and transfer the bulk of that cash into the pockets of the nation’s millionaires according to a congregational analysis released Wednesday.” Now, the Republicans argue health-care Repeal will add billions of dollars to the deficit: a bill that has been assured of payment; and financial analysts say repealing the health-care will increase the deficit $230 billion dollars. Still with all Republican fiscal responsibility talk and their desire to reduce the deficit, none of the Republicans was able to repeal tax cut for the rich that will add billions of dollars to the deficit, neither to think about what it will add to the deficit if repealed. Here they are determined and extremely focused to repeal health-care, and have actually repealed it-a deep critical human need, There is no mention of joblessness that still grips the nation and how to solve the problem.

What will the health care do for Americans, especially the most vulnerable in our society- children, elderly, businesses that desperately need the health-care for their employees, and the uninsured?
What will health-care do for Americans?

•Children age 26 and younger will be able to remain covered under their parents health insurance care plans.

•Medicare recipients will receive $250 dollars rebate to help in closing the “doughnut hole:”
(with the goal being to close the doughnut hole completely by 2020.)

•Health insurance companies will be banned from excluding coverage for preexisting condition for children.

•Adults with preexisting condition will be eligible to coverage into high risk health insurance pool until future health-care exchanges are up and running.

•Health insurance companies will be prohibited from levying annual limits and life time limits on coverage.

•All new health insurance plans must provide coverage for preventive services with no out of pocket cost. (All health cost plans will be forced to comply by 2018.

•Those companies that offer health benefits for early retirees ages 55-64 will receive assistance from a temporary insurance program.

•All new insurance plans will have to comply with new regulations that lay out an appeals process for when insurance claims are denied.

•Small business that employ less than 50 people are eligible for a tax credit equal to 35% of their health insurance premiums. (This increases by 2014),

•In 2011, Medicare will offer wellness visits for free for one year and personalized preventive plans. All new Medicare plans will offer preventative services with no out of pocket cost.

•Seniors enrolled in Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plan will receive a 50% discount on brand name drugs immediately with additional prescription drug discount to follow.

•There are more benefits, but these are just a few: but the most significant is that 31 millions uninsured Americans will be added in the new insurance plan. (Christian Science Monitor).

Why would someone in their right mind deny Americans such blessing as health-care: something preceding Presidents have for decades tried to give to the Americans and failed. Finally, it is here and someone wants to repeal what has been signed into law. Health-care remains the heart of human dilemma-the core of what touches all of us. Can those who have repealed health-care imagine if you have no health-care, and suddenly you are dying! What will you do” Will you be happy to die-young or older? Would you not wish you have a health-care coverage? Would you not wonder what kind of country you live that denies its citizens health-care coverage? A country that pays billions of dollars in war; billions of dollars to the powerful and rich in tax cut, but something so critical, so sensitive to human survival denied those who desperately need it – health-care. Let everybody relax and ask their conscience if they were denied health-care coverage because of preexisting condition on their deathbed, how will they feel? Why will humans determine who dies or lives. This is the prerogative of God; but this is what the insurance companies have done for decades. You might think I am rich and I don’t need the health-care, but remember life is full of uncertainties: tomorrow, you might become poor and homeless.

This kind of insensitivity and callousness does the following to a nation:

•Reduces an empire like America on a level of a Third World Nation that exploits its citizens and refuses to help its middle class and poor.

•It diminishes the idea of America been the ideal democracy in the world.

•It makes a nation look ruthless, godless and insensitive.

•It creates the impression America is all about money-capitalism, materialism and cares little about her citizens.

•Finally, the empire fades off like other World Empires because of corruption. This is because ‘righteousness exalts a nation, sin is a reproach to any nation or individual.’

There is no concrete argument that could humanly support repeal of health-care that majority of Americans support and says it could be strengthened. This is a health-care that supports the elderly-the most abandoned and lonely in our society, children, and is going to help the economy through small businesses. People elected in office to fight for the people vehemently oppose health-care the very thing they were elected to enact for the progress of American people. One Congress man said he was elected to repeal the health-care. Those who oppose health-care are the insurance companies, special interests groups, and lobbyists. That means he was paid and elected to repeal health-care. We are back to the propaganda of “death panel, health-care killing jobs and health-care as socialism. When money begins to supersede human sensitivity, kindness, consideration to your neighbor, love and mercy, then the nation crumbles.. This shows lack of compassion from elected officials. An urgent call back to conscience by elected officials-spiritual, political, business and otherwise is needed in this turbulent time we live in, not love for money. Love for money destroys a nation and it is destroying America today. In Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare says:

“But mercy is above the scepter’d sway
It is enthroned in the heart of kings
It is an attribute to God himself
And earthly power doth then show likest God’s
When mercy seasons justice”

Repealing health-care is a tragedy that will hunt this nation, and could lead to drastic consequences that will affect the poor and the elderly in our society in a profound way. A call back to conscience is desperately needed for the role of a just government by the people and for the people. Lark of health-care sends many Americans to their death every year. This is the most significant and unique achievement for decades. Americans should oppose the repeal and strengthen the bill, especially for the poor and vulnerable among us. No king or president, or priest, or government official, and corporation that oppresses the poor lasts long: oppression of the poor touches God’s heart in a profound way.